Business Internet Banking

Product highlights

A fast, secure and cost-effective way to access your accounts and manage your money.

Features and benefits

BizAlert - Enables you to receive an email or SMS text message with information on a wide array of banking services

Secured way to bank - Password control and Security Device

Dedicated Support - 24-hour customer service hotline providing enquiry service and technical support

eStatement and eAdvice - Retrieve up to past 24 months for eStatements and 3 months for eAdvices

Securities trading services

Convenient - 24/7 access to your accounts from anywhere in the world

No enrolment fee

Trade finance services

Cash management services

Additional information

WeChat Banking and Notification Services

Allow you to check your business account balance, incoming fund transactions, commercial card information and receive designated transaction and account maintenance service notifications* – anytime, anywhere your mobile device is connected to the internet. Subscription is free.

Act now! Simply follow our HSBC Hong Kong Business WeChat Official Account and bind your Business Internet Banking profile to activate our WeChat Banking and Notification Services.

Follow us on WeChat: HSBCHKBusiness

To learn more, please refer to the binding guide (PDF, 1.89MB) and FAQs.

Terms and Conditions applied.

For more details of other digital banking experiences, please visit the Innovative Digital Banking Experience centre.

*Designated transaction and account maintenance services completed on Business Internet Banking include:
  • Create Designated Beneficiaries;

  • Create 3rd Party Payments;

  • Submit autoPay Payment Instructions;

  • Process autoPay Payment Instructions;

  • Issue eCheques;

  • Update Contact Information; and

  • Change Notification Channel.

Payment Tracker
Allows you to view details and keep track of your payment status that you have performed via the Business Internet Banking service and Mobile Banking within the past 60 calendar days.

Mobile Banking
Business Internet Banking customers can manage their company accounts through HSBC Business Mobile Banking. No registration is needed. Visit Apple App Store or Google Play™ to download HSBC Business Mobile banking app. For details, please visit our Mobile Banking page.

To protect your computer against viruses and online threats, HSBC has teamed up with Webroot - a leading supplier of cloud-based endpoint security solutions - to offer this award-winning software to our Business Banking customers for free.tification Channel.

How it works

Business Internet Banking provides a wide range of convenient and secure online services that help maximise the efficiency of your business. Click here to find out the available functions and features.

Business Internet Banking Enrolment

How to apply for Business Internet Banking

You must hold at least one of the following HSBC commercial accounts:

  • HKD/Foreign Currency Current Account
  • HKD/CombiNations Statement Savings Account
  • Business Integrated Account

Enrol for Business Internet Banking

  1. Complete the Business Internet Banking Enrolment Form
  2. Return the form to any Commercial Service Centres or by post
  3. Receive an activation PIN and a Security Device separately by post after 5 working days, and an authentication code via mobile SMS
  4. Follow the instructions on Online Guide to register online and activate your Security Device
  5. Log on to your account

Note: With effect from 1st August 2014, applications to issue or replace Business Internet Banking security device via HSBC branches, PhoneBanking or mail-in to HSBC will be charged with a fee of HK$100 per device. For details, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Register for Business Internet Banking

First-time Activation

Thank you for choosing HSBC's Business Internet Banking. Before clicking on the 'Register Business Internet Banking' link, please ensure that you have the following on hand:

  1. An activation PIN
  2. A Security Device
  3. An authentication code*
  4. * You do not require an authentication code if you received activation PIN and Security Device at the time you opened business account.

PIN setup for your new Security Device

You need to set up a PIN for your PIN-protected Security Device before activating your Business Internet Banking service. Please follow the steps in the user guide to set up a PIN for the first time.

System requirements

Business Internet Banking is available to both PC and Mac users with internet enabled machines. To access Business Internet Banking, you will need the appropriate operating system and browser software on your machine.

We recommend that you use one of these combinations:

Operating system Internet browser
Windows 7, Vista Internet Explorer 9 or above
Mac OS Safari 7 or higher

Note: It is possible other combinations of operating systems and browsers will work but the site is best viewed with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9. In case you experience any problems or need any further specific information, please contact us.

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