Belt and Road

Hundreds of businesses are expanding on the Belt and Road. Now could be your time.

Insights Sharing

The Belt and Road Initiative, which drives trade and economic activities between the connected countries, is bringing new opportunities to businesses of different sizes. Venturing overseas, a number of Hong Kong companies have already established their foothold in some of these emerging markets. We spoke to business leaders at the forefront of this trend and collected their insights into unlocking the opportunities arising from the Belt and Road.

Trade and Logistics

‘If the Belt and Road concept proposal comes through, it could actually bring about greater connectivity. When you have better connectivity, it means that more trade can be done.’

The trade and logistics sector is a vital component to delivering the benefits of the Belt and Road Initiative. In this episode, Mr Siong Seng Teo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Singamas Container Holdings Limited shares his views on how Hong Kong companies ought to capitalise on the vast opportunities arising from the Initiative in a timely manner.



‘…The Belt and Road Initiative will promote travel among five to six billion people. More people will travel, and they will benefit from the services we provide.’

The Belt and Road Initiative aims to connect people by strengthening cultural ties. In this episode, Mr Hoi-see Song, Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group gives his insights on how the travel sector in Hong Kong is well positioned to benefit from the new dynamics of tourism by leveraging their global network and strong expertise.


Textile & Garment

‘We uphold our values of sustainability as we develop our business in the Belt and Road countries. There is more to business than profit. Corporates should also seek to contribute to their employees' well-being and to the world.’

Sustainability is becoming a key business focus against the backdrop of the Belt and Road Initiative. In this episode, Mr Kenneth Lo, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director, Crystal International Group Limited and Ms Catherine Chiu, General Manager, Corporate Quality & Sustainability, Crystal International Group Limited share their thoughts on how companies from Hong Kong’s garment industry can deliver greater value and achieve long-term growth from the Initiative with sustainability in mind.



“There is great business potential for Hong Kong companies as the Belt and Road markets further develop”. But opportunities and their associated risks need to be fully understood as well. In this episode, Ms Glendy Choi, CEO of D&G Technology Holding Company Limited tells us what she thinks a Hong Kong company should stay alert to when entering new emerging markets.


Professional Services

“The Belt and Road Initiative offers business opportunities not only to multinational companies, but also professional firms and SMEs.” In this episode, Mr K S Ng, Chairman of FDB Holdings Limited shares his views on how the professional service sector in Hong Kong can take part in the Belt and Road projects, and size should not exclude a business.


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