Hundreds of businesses are expanding on the Belt and Road. Now could be your time.

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The Belt and Road Initiative has evolved into a more open, inclusive and sustainable initiative: BRI 2.0.

At the Belt and Road Summit, Mukhtar Hussain, Group General Manager, Head of Belt and Road Initiative and Business Corridors, Asia Pacific, HSBC, shared with us his points of view. Watch now and see what businesses should pay attention to when they extend their footprint into BRI markets, and how HSBC can help them.

The Belt and Road Initiative, which drives trade and economic activities between the connected countries, is bringing new opportunities to businesses of different sizes. Venturing overseas, a number of Hong Kong companies have already established their foothold in some of these emerging markets. We spoke to business leaders at the forefront of this trend and collected their insights into unlocking the opportunities arising from the Belt and Road.

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