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Technology is at the core of everyday life, and it creates new opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes. However, it has also given criminals new tools for gaining access to information and funds. Cyberattacks have evolved to become more sophisticated, and statistics show there has been a significant increase in attacks against companies in Hong Kong.

SMS Sender Registration Scheme

To assist public in identifying SMS sender and prevent them from falling prey to phishing SMS, Office of the Communications Authority, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Hong Kong Police Force, the Hong Kong Association of Banks and the telecommunications industry have established the “SMS Sender Registration Scheme”. Starting from 28th January 2024, major local banks will only use registered sender IDs starting with “#” to send one-way SMS to local mobile users.

Starting from 28th January 2024, the sender address of one-time SMS sent by HSBC will be replaced by the registered sender IDs below:

Sender ID

SMS Type



General Information



Non-Forwarding (e.g. One-Time Password)



Non-Forwarding (e.g. One-Time Password)



Dual-Forwarding (e.g. Transaction alert)

Please note that the SMS Sender Registration Scheme is not appliable to:

1. SMS messages of which receiving parties are expected to reply to the senders via phone numbers (2-way SMS) ; or

2. Local subscribers of Single-Card-Multiple-Numbers/One-Card-Two-Numbers mobile service provided by non-Hong Kong operators.

HSBC reminder: If you receive SMS from unknown sender, please be vigilant and do not disclose any personal, account or credit card information, or transfer money as per requested. Do not click on suspicious link in SMS. If in doubt, you can use "Scameter" launched by the police to evaluate the fraud risk of the phone number or URL.

Protect your business against fraud & cybercrime

Equip you and your staff to spot and prevent scams, and to take the right steps if you do fall victim.

In 2021,


computer crime cases were reported in Hong Kong.

The number of computer crime cases in Hong Kong in 2021 represents a


increase from 2020.



of financial loss was reported in 2021 due to computer crime cases.

At HSBC, we’re committed to protecting the interests of our customers and the financial system. We’ve created this page to help you understand more about different cyber threats and online security risks. It also provides tips and guidance on how to stay vigilant for a cybersecure future.

Received messages or calls claiming to be from HSBC? Stay vigilant and think carefully. We would never send you any messages with links asking you to log on to Business Internet Banking or to provide your username and password over the phone or via pre-recorded voice messages.

Protect your Personal Digital Keys; Beware of Fraudulent Links!
Visit the HKMA website to learn more about Personal Digital Keys and security tips, and watch their educational video (Chinese only).

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