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How do Hong Kong businesses achieve success by partnering with a bank that shares a philosophy for sustainability?

Hong Kong is positioning itself as the region's leading green financing hub. Many of its industries have already embraced the ‘green transformation', a model to drive business value while at the same time, contributing to the environment. A sustainable economy is one of HSBC's long-term strategies and we are working closely with enterprises to build a sustainable future together. We have created a video series that includes interviews with leading corporations from across a range of sectors, including Climate Technology, Construction and Real Estate, Textile and Garment, and Shipping Logistics. Our videos provide insight on how these companies have been able to achieve success by partnering with a bank that shares a philosophy for sustainability.

Collaborating for a low carbon construction sector - Ampd Energy

Climate technology provides the innovative solutions necessary to decarbonise all industries across the global economy. In this video, Ampd Energy's Co-founder & CEO, Brandon Ng, and CFO, Anthony Stewart share how they are driving change to help deliver an emission-free future for construction with their cutting-edge energy storage system.

Achieving new milestones in green shipping – SITC International Holdings Company Limited

The shipping logistics industry serves as a bridge connecting the world and facilitating economic development. In this video, Yang Xian-xiang, Chief Executive Officer of SITC International Holdings Company Limited, shares how the industry is innovating green technologies to promote the sustainable development of both the industry and the planet.

Fulfill an environmental promise – Pacific Textiles Holdings Limited

Sustainability is a vital part of the textile industry’s future. In this video, Masaru Okutomi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Textiles Holdings Limited, outlines the company’s commitment to sustainable development, through a full range of green initiatives including recycling and upcycling resources, and the use of renewable energies. Thanks to these efforts, the company is fulfilling its promise to society and to the next generation.

Construct a greener future – CaSO (HK) Engineering Company

The net zero transition has become a key priority across industries, and the construction sector has been proactively driving its sustainable journey through a range of innovative green products and solutions. In this video, Ricky Tsang, Founder and CEO of CaSO (HK) Engineering Company shares how the industry is committed to creating sustainable values by leveraging innovation which will transform harm to harmony, and enable the community to be surrounded by a green environment every day.

Pave the way to a green future – Paul Y. Engineering

The construction industry is increasingly embracing green and resource-efficient practices to minimise its environmental impact. In this video, James Lee, CEO & Executive Director of Paul Y. Engineering discusses the industry’s efforts to bring in more sustainable elements to architecture and innovative methods for construction. In addition, securing a green talent pool is just as important to continue building Hong Kong’s green skyline.

To weave a sustainable future - LAWSGROUP

Being environmentally conscious is an ever-increasing priority for our society and our customers. Businesses have responded by incorporating sustainability initiatives into their business strategy and undergoing a green transformation. In this video, Bosco Law, Deputy Chairman & CEO of LAWSGROUP, outlines how the implementation of sustainable practices is not limited to reducing energy and emissions, but also through ‘Creating Shared Value’. This concept supports the sustainable development of the apparel industry’s entire ecosystem and the on-going success of an increasingly evolving sector.

Build for the future – Chinachem Group

Demand for green buildings has seen exponential grown globally over the past decade as a means of addressing some of the most pressing environmental issues. Donald Choi, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Chinachem Group, outlines in this video how both the architectural designs and the process by which they are created are core elements to not only saving energy and reducing carbon emissions but also strengthening communities and individual's wellbeing.

The opinions expressed by the speakers only represent the opinions of the speakers, the opinions cannot be regarded as suggestions from the Bank.

Sustainability for business

Sustainability for businesses

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