Digital Wealth Management Solutions

In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, it is crucial for your company to stay ahead of the market and make your moves instantly for your company’s wealth management, traditional approaches alone might not be enough to meet the demands of the modern businesses.

HSBC offers various digital investment solutions to empower your company to navigate the complexities of the financial markets with agility and precision.

3 steps to start trading online -

icon Point 1  Open an investment account

icon Point 2  Complete/Update your Risk Profiling Questionnaire

icon Point 3  Submit your W8 form (applicable for U.S. Stock Trading)


These steps can all be completed via Business Internet Banking, hassle-free and easy!!


Certificate of Deposit

Stable interest income through investing

  • [New] Certificates of Deposit (CD) offers competitive interest rates comparing to normal saving accounts or time deposits.
  • Lower risk as the principal is returned in full on maturity*.

Unit Trusts

Wide selection of asset class and investment themes

  • Unit Trusts (UT) allows you to invest in securities, bonds, currencies, and commodities around the world and spread risks by diversifying investments across various sectors and countries.
  • A wide selection of UT from HSBC Global Asset Management and third-party fund houses.

Local Stock Trading

Seize local investment opportunities

  • Local Stock Trading offers a variety of products such as stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate investment trusts (REITs), callable bull/bear contracts (CBBCs) that are available for investment in Hong Kong Exchange.
  • Subscriptions to Hong Kong stock IPOs via the HSBC IPO Nominees Services.
  • Competitive brokage fee, 0.25% of the online transaction amount.

Global Stock Trading

One-stop shop trading experience

  • U.S. Stock Trading allows you to access the global market and benefit from the growth of the global scale companies.
  • Hassle-free submission of W8 form via Business Internet Banking.
  • FX conversion to start trading instantly in one single platform.

Come and experience our digital investment capability and start maximizing your company’s yield earning potential.

Log on to Business Internet Banking now to plan for your investments with us!

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