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Open a Business Integrated Account all on one app

Remote Account Opening Offer

From now until 14 October 2023, successfully open a Business Integrated Account via HSBC Business Express mobile app and get an extra HKD500* discount on the account opening fee.

Jump start your business by opening a bank account faster

HSBC is committed to providing innovative digital services for SMEs to operate with greater flexibility and capture new business opportunities swiftly.

We are the first commercial bank in Hong Kong allowing SMEs to complete account application and identity verification all on one app, letting you receive your account number instantly. The account opening process is easy with clear instructions, so that you can kickstart your business plan faster without having to visit a branch.

Watch the video now to learn more

Open an account through your mobile and receive your account number instantly

Five steps for opening an account through your mobile.

Eligibility for mobile account opening

If your company fulfills the criteria below, you can open an account remotely:

  • Limited liability / partnership / sole proprietorship companies
  • Incorporated / registered in Hong Kong
  • Operating in Hong Kong
  • Does not have any corporate directors/ shareholders
  • Has up to 2 connected individuals

Download the HSBC Business Express mobile app now

Simply scan the QR code below to download HSBC HK Business Express mobile app. Or visit App Store, Google Play, or Baidu App Store and search "HSBC HK Business Express" to download.

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