Expedite your mobile account opening as a global entrepreneur

Embark your business journey in Hong Kong with our truly digitized account opening services

HSBC is committed to providing innovative digital services for businesses to operate with greater flexibility and capture new opportunities swiftly.

You can now open a Business Integrated Account and complete identity authentication at your fingertips entirely through HSBC HK Business Express mobile app. The mobile account opening solution is now available for owners of Hong Kong registered companies who hold a Hong Kong identity card, a mainland China resident identity card, or a passport issued by 14 countries and territories*. The end-to-end mobile solution is completely digitised and paperless:

  • Allowing you to complete account application and identity verification via one app
  • Letting you receive the account number instantly**
  • No need to visit any branches or submit any physical documents and signatures
  • Account can be opened as fast as 3 days**

Open a business banking account on mobile and complete identity verification


Step 1

Provide your company information


Step 2

Verify your identity


Step 3

Receive your account number instantly**


Step 4

Register for Business Internet Banking


Step 5

Activate the mobile security key


Step 6

Provide your e-signature specimen^

Eligibility for mobile account opening

You can open an account remotely if your company is:

  • A limited liability/ partnership/ sole proprietorship company
  • Incorporated/ registered in Hong Kong
  • Operating in Hong Kong or in mainland China
  • Not having any corporate directors/ shareholders
  • Having up to 2 connected individuals

Download the HSBC Business Express mobile app now

Simply scan the QR code below to download HSBC HK Business Express mobile app. Or visit App Store, Google Play, or Baidu App Store and search "HSBC HK Business Express" to download.

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Baidu App Store


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APK file - for Android users only

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