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HSBC understands that businesses need a world of different support today and tomorrow.

From daily transacting, and financing new projects to local expansion, all the way to tapping into new markets and new opportunities, we are providing a comprehensive range of innovative solutions to empower you in achieving your goals.

We continuously evolve our services and invest in new capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of entrepreneurs and the business ecosystem. Our aim is to support you in turning potential into strength, breaking through new boundaries in every stage of your business journey, and realising your innovative ideas for the world to recognize.

HSBC’s innovative capabilities

Watch the video now to learn how we can empower you to embrace the changes of today and thrive in the opportunities of tomorrow.

Powering the startup ecosystem

HSBC Business Go

HSBC Business Go

We make business operations easier by bringing together industry perspectives, the latest insights, business optimization tools and a global community of like-minded businesses.

Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023

As the title sponsor of the FinTech Week, we are excited to share the latest insights in the most cutting-edge fintech solutions in helping businesses to open up a new world of opportunities.

Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund JUMPSTARTER 2023

We have been sponsoring Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund (AEF) JUMPSTARTER Global Pitch Competition for 5 consecutive years with pride, joining hands with AEF in providing a platform for all entrepreneurs and young people to jump-start their dreams.

Powering e-Commerce


We offer all-in-one banking solutions to power up eCommerce on payment, collection, and working capital support

Powering new economies

HSBC New Economy Fund

HSBC New Economy Fund

Our USD3 billion fund is dedicated to providing high-growth, innovative companies across Hong Kong and mainland China with a suite of tailored debt solutions in support of national or international expansion.

HSBC GBA Sustainability Fund

HSBC GBA Sustainability Fund

Helping you to capture sustainable opportunities while transitioning to a low-carbon economy with USD9 billion financing support.

HSBC Sustainability Tracker

HSBC Sustainability Tracker

Provide tailored suggestions to help you create a more sustainable business across your operations, energy use, and products.

Powering venture-backed businesses and their investors

HSBC Innovation Banking

HSBC Innovation Banking

Our deep expertise and international connections support a broad range of businesses backed by venture capital or private equity, propelling both businesses and their investors to unlock new possibilities and compete on global stage.

Reminder: “To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!”

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