HSBC Navigator Resilience Report

A picture of challenge and change

Businesses like yours are living through the biggest global crisis in a generation. To understand how it’s affecting them, including their plans for the future, we surveyed more than 2,600 companies across 14 markets as part of our annual Navigator research.

HSBC Navigator: Building Back Better report paints a picture of challenge and change. While 98% of the businesses have felt the impacts of the crisis, 65% have been agile and able enough to be resilient. And many see the crisis as a catalyst for change and long-term growth.

The insights in the Resilience report will help you grasp those opportunities while overcoming the challenges. They are also good references for you to better plan your next steps.

How to build your business resilience?

  • Pulling together with customers, employees and other strategic and supply chain partners
  • Building agility through collaboration
  • Using technology to build collaborative culture and grow the company
  • Seeing sustainability as vital for resilience today and growth tomorrow
  • Using closer relationships with suppliers

Insights from Hong Kong Businesses

The global report compiled 200 Hong Kong Businesses’ view of future opportunities and challenges for growth. Diversification, greater digitisation and more transparency into their supply chain are the top priorities for their business resilience. Click the infographic below for the key insights from Hong Kong businesses.

Insights from Asia-Pacific Businesses

In the following videos series, Stuart Tait, Regional Head of Commercial Banking, Asia-Pacific discusses with us the findings from 1,400 Asia-Pacific businesses in the HSBC Navigator Report.

Episode 1: Resilience and preparedness of Asian businesses
Episode 2: Asian businesses are embracing change through digital solutions
Episode 3: Securing supply chains and sustainability to weather future challenges

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To know more HSBC Navigator in areas of Resilience, Technology, Sustainability, Supply Chain, Supporting others and People, please visit our global HSBC Navigator Resilience website.

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