Structured Investment Deposits - Digital Binary Deposit

Earn potentially higher return than normal time deposit if the chosen exchange rates move in line with your view.

Features and benefits

  • Earn potentially higher returns than that available on traditional time deposits
  • 100% capital protection at maturity*
  • Available in a wide range of currencies including Renminbi
  • Opportunity to take advantage of your FX view without currency conversion
  • In any event you will receive your potential interest in the deposit currency

How it works

Digital Binary Deposit is a principal protected deposit with final redemption linked to a currency level at maturity.

The following hypothetical example illustrates the deposit mechanism:



Currency Pair


Deposit Currency


Deposit Tenor

3 months



Minimum Redemption Rate

100.36% (implied yield 1.41% p.a.)

Maximum Redemption Rate

100.67% (implied yield 2.62% p.a.)

Final Redemption Scenarios:

Scenario 1 :
At maturity, if EUR/USD fixes at or above Trigger, customer will get the Maximum Redemption Rate

Scenario 2 :
At maturity, if EUR/USD fixes at or below Trigger, customer will get the Minimum Redemption Rate

Default Scenario
In the worst case scenario (e.g. insolvency of the Bank), the investor may get nothing back and the potential maximum loss could be 100% of investment amount and no coupon received.

Scenario Analysis Disclaimer
The scenarios above are provided for illustrative purposes only, and do not reflect a complete analysis of all possible gain and loss scenarios that may arise during any actual investment. No representation or warranty is made by the Bank that any scenario described above can be duplicated under real investment conditions. Actual results may vary from the results shown above, and variations may be material.



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