Global Supply Chains – Networks of Tomorrow

Trade remains the bedrock of the global economy, so corporates in Asia and around the world financial decision makers are constantly making supply chain decisions to ensure resilience and adaptability in their business operations.

For the last three years HSBC has examined how corporate treasurers and senior managers are reshaping their supply chain and working capital strategies in response to global economic changes, sustainability policies and digital enhancements.

This year, we've expanded the scope from just Asia Pacific to include globally strategic markets. We spoke to 787 corporations across 14 markets in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Here we look at Hong Kong, regional and global responses in context, discovering viewpoints on future supply chains, the needs of companies and their treasuries today, and how the right banking solutions can help.

We are seeing increased demand from clients for simplified trade financing solutions to enable them to easily track and manage their supply chains. Through our comprehensive set of digital trade solutions, we aim to ensure they have all the tools to streamline their businesses with faster access to financing and better visibility and control over transactions.

Aditya Gahlaut | Managing Director and Co-Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance, Asia Pacific, HSBC

Shifting supply chain strategies

The factors influencing supply chains in the last year

Factor driving change in supply chains

Counter party risk

is the top macro factor driving change in supply chains

Factors for assessing suppliers


think payment and financing terms is a key factor for assessing their suppliers

Inventory management


Hong Kong's corporates are holding excess inventory

Navigating new market conditions

How external factors are impacting risk and financing across supply chains

Trade Finance


are funding their supply chains using traditional trade finance

Digital payments


pay their suppliers via purchase order or electronic bank transfer

FX solutions


will use forwards to hedge FX risk

Ensuring supply chain resilience

How corporates are laying the foundations for future supply chains



are looking for bank support to better visualise transactions across their supply chains

Sustainable policy implementation


are investing to make their supply chains more sustainable

Focus area for sustainability


invest in energy efficiency

Market differences

How do corporates in Hong Kong differ from other markets.

Supplier location


Hong Kong corporates citing Asia (excluding China) as their top supplier location, vs 20% of global average

Average days to supplier payment

50 days

Corporates in Hong Kong lead their Asian peers in the average number of days


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