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Smarter banking to help your business take off

Product highlights

Starting a business always takes more than just an idea, especially with limited resources. Introducing HSBC Sprint Account, an integrated banking account to provide you with a simpler and faster banking experience. So whether your business has just started, or is getting ready to thrive, our solutions have you covered.

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With the latest promotion, enjoy up to HK$495 saving when applying online!

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Note: All customers can submit an application online, and eligible customers can open an account remotely.

Promotional offer

From now until 31 December 2021, enjoy welcome offers* valued at over HK$4,800, and save 25% on your online FX Transactions upon successful account opening.


Enjoy our welcome offers: 

  • Enjoy up to HK$495 saving on the account application fee if you successfully submit an account opening request online, or at the branch after applying for the branch appointment online
  • Enjoy 100% waiver on additional autoPay payment code setup charges (valued at HK$1,200)
  • Enjoy 30% rebate on your e-payment transaction fees in the 2 months subsequent to your account opening month [including outward Faster Payment System (FPS) payments, outward Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) payments and outward Telegraphic Transfer (TT) payments] (valued at HK$3,204)

Even more rewards: 

  • Save 25% on your online FX Transactions for 90 days
  • Enjoy 100% waiver on autoPay transaction fees in the 2 months subsequent to your account opening month
  • Enjoy extra $100 RewardCash for HSBC Business Mastercard applicants

* Terms and Conditions apply

Enjoy the perks of going digital with PayMe for Business**:

  • HK$300 PayMe for Business credit upon successful registration from now until 15 November 2021

** Terms and Conditions for PayMe for Business registration offer
SVF Licence Number: SVFB002

Features and benefits

No monthly service fees for the first 12 months.                                                                                

Free use of both Business Internet Banking and HSBC HK Business Express mobile app for your 24/7 online account access, transaction, foreign exchange, investment and many more
Access to HSBC’s extensive branch, phone and ATM network. Free HSBC VisionGo Business Membership to gain exposure, connect with SMEs to create more business opportunities (exclusive for HSBC commercial customers only)
Open your account remotely through a completely digital process online. Learn more Free use of HSBC Smart Solution - a digital platform with no registration needed to streamline your business operation by integrating various 3rd party business applications

Give your business the best start

Open your account remotely

Complete your application online without visiting our Business Center
Start your application online and receive your account number straight away through a completely digital process. Learn more

HSBC Business Express mobile app

Stay on top of your business finances
The HSBC HK Business Express mobile app gives you greater control of your cash flow and provides financial insights tailored to your business needs anytime, anywhere.

Easy accounting with Xero

Seamless accounting software integration
Connect your bank accounts to Xero, a cloud-based accounting solution. With HSBC, your transactions can flow securely and automatically to Xero, empowering you to manage your finances efficiently and make better-informed decisions.

PayMe for Business

Collect money instantly from your customers
Connect to a PayMe community of over 1.9 million people and start collecting payments instantly in the palm of your hand.

Digital banking solutions

Beyond banking with HSBC
Stay in control of your business with our digital solutions like VisionGo and our cloud-based HR & payroll software iMGR. We can help your business streamline its operations, enrich your decision-making with the latest insights, and get you connected to the right partners and opportunities.

Remote Account Opening

Business owners can now open an account anytime and anywhere, without needing to schedule face-to-face or video meetings with us, or submitting physical documents and signature. The application process is completely digitised and paperless.

Watch the video to understand our simple remote account opening process, or refer to the user guide.

Online Application process

Three easy steps to open your business account

  1. Click “Apply Online” to create your profile in the Online Account Application Centre.
  2. Prepare your documents and provide business details
    Prepare the documents listed on our account opening document checklist and provide details about your business, entity structure and contact information.
  3. Complete your application
    Once you have submitted your business details, eligible customers can complete the entire account opening process in the Online Account Application Centre remotely, including uploading document, ID&V and one-time-password confirmation, without the need of any face-to-face meeting or video conference.
    Otherwise, you can make an appointment to complete the application in our Business Centre.

Key service fee

For details of the service fee, please refer to the Commercial Tariffs.

Monthly service fee*
First 12 months after account is opened Waived

From 13th month onwards AND previous three months’ average total relationship balance (TRB)

  • HK$50,000 or above
  • Below HK$50,000


  • Waived
  • HK$200
Counter transaction fee HK$10 per transaction*


*Monthly service fee will be charged on the fourth working day of each month. The monthly service fee applies to each Business Integrated Account held by the customer.

Total Relationship Balance (TRB) is calculated based on the balances in the accounts maintained with HSBC in Hong Kong by a company with the same business registration number. Your TRB includes the following:

  • Hong Kong dollar/Renminbi/foreign currency deposits;
  • Market value of your securities, unit trusts, bonds, certificates of deposit, Equity Linked Investments, Structured Notes and Wayfoong Statement Gold;
  • Deposit amount of your Structured Investment Deposits and Deposit Plus;
  • Your utilised credits within approved limits (excluding residential mortgage loans);
  • Statement Balance shown on the statements of your Business Cards/Corporate Cards/Purchasing Cards;
  • Cash value of your insurance policies.

1) The following transact ions conducted over branch counters with the assistance of an HSBC branch staff are considered as counter transactions: cash deposit (including bulk cash deposit); cash withdrawal; paper cheque deposit (including bulk paper cheque deposit and house paper cheque deposit); paper cheque withdrawal; mixed deposit (i.e. conducting cash and paper cheque deposit in 1 transaction) and withdrawal from transfer between two HSBC accounts in Hong Kong.

2) These counter transactions could be initiated by your company or a third party.

3) Total number of counter transactions is calculated based on the total number of counter transactions conducted in respect of all accounts maintained with HSBC in Hong Kong by your company with the same business registration number.

4) Counter transaction fee will be charged on a monthly basis which will happen on the fourth working day of each month.

SVF Licence Number: SVFB002

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