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No matter where you are amongst your busy schedule, staying on top of your business finances is crucial to your success. The HSBC HK Business Express mobile app allowing you to gain better control of your cash flow and receive financial insights tailored to your business needs anytime, anywhere.

What’s more? By activating Mobile Security Key, you can logon to HSBC HK Business Express mobile app directly or confirm your access to HSBC Business Internet Banking and make mobile payments without using physical Security Device.

Features and benefits

  • Mobile cheque deposit: Simply scan the back and front of the cheque and submit it directly via mobile app. Read our user guide to learn how.
Showing steps to deposit cheque via mobile app. Daily limit is HKD500,000. Up to 20 cheques per day and HKD100,000 per cheque
  • Secured and easy access: Mobile Security Key or biometric logon through fingerprints or facial recognition
  • Payments on the go: You can now make local and international payments on the go, and make it even easier by using Mobile Security Key instead of your physical Security Device. If your payee is in Hong Kong, you can make payments using their mobile number, email address, FPS ID or by scanning a QR code. Once completed, you can tap to save or share a copy of the payment confirmation.
  • Pay bills: Settle various types of bills including public utilities, government organisations and insurance companies.
  • eStatements & eAdvices: View and download eStatements for the past 7 years of Business Integrated Account, HKD Statement Savings Account and HKD Current Account, and eAdvices of all accounts for the past 3 months, without additional cost.
  • Effortless tracking: Check the real-time status of recent payments in details, end-to-end from HSBC to the beneficiary bank.
  • Smarter FX solutions: Tailored FX insights and instant quotes for multiple currencies
  • User-friendly navigation: View all your accounts on one single page
  • Card activation: Activate your new business credit card without calling the credit card hotline.
  • Instant help: Message our customer service officers for any enquiry, including account-specific information. You can view the conversations at any time.

What's more, when you open a business account with HSBC, you can submit your identification documents through HSBC HK Business Express mobile app to complete the identity verification process.

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