Product highlights

e-Cheque is a new innovative service that will revolutionise the way you issue and deposit cheques.

With e-Cheque you can avoid all the logistical hassles of delivering and depositing a paper cheque because it’s all done electronically. It’s fast, convenient and best of all it’s free to use.

e-Cheque allows SMEs to issue cheques online anytime – even when overseas. See how Speedy Group can now securely do business beyond boundaries with a digital signature.

The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd. took advantage of e-Cheque and its complete digital platform. See how reliable and convenient it is to save administrative costs.

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Features and benefits

24 hour convenience – Issue, deliver and deposit
e-Cheques anytime of the day
Peace of mind – Online status tracking of your issued and deposited
e-Cheque services anywhere in the world through the Internet

No cheque books are required

Save time and money – Reduce cost on postage/delivery of physical cheque

Extended deposit cut off times to 7 pm HKT

Better record keeping as all
e-Cheques are electronic copies

Support multiple e-Cheque issuance2 or deposits3 to facilitate daily operations

Increased security – Digitally encrypted to prevent editing

Supports HKD, RMB1 and USD cheques

Available on both Business Internet Banking and HSBCnet

1RMB e-Cheque issued by corporate account are for use in Hong Kong only and are not for use in the Mainland China.

2Support issue up to 200 e-Cheques at a time.

3Support upload one ZIP file containing multiple e-Cheques within 10MB (around 50-100 e-Cheques subject to each e-Cheque PDF file size) or upload a maximum of 8 e-Cheques in PDF format.

How does it work?

Please note: e-Cheque is simple to set up on Business Internet Banking. There are no application forms required, everything can be done online within a few clicks.

e-Cheque issuance is not available in HSBCnet.

Security features

  • Highly secure digital signature supported by the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology that prevents e-Cheques from being altered.
  • Information cannot be edited once the e-Cheque is created
  • e-Cheque cannot be deposited multiple times
  • Protected by two factor authentication (2FA) via your Internet Banking
  • SMS alert for all e-Cheques issued


e-Cheque is a free service offered to all our HSBC Commercial Banking customers.

  • No sign up fee
  • No issuance or deposit fees1
  • No online stop cheque fees2

1 Fees apply for returned and rejected e-Cheques
2 Online stop cheque function is available until 22:00pm HKT each business day and payee has not yet presented the e-Cheque for settlement.

Click here to find out more about e-Cheque tariffs (PDF, 193KB).

System requirements

  • Adobe reader (Acrobat 7.0 and later)
  • Click here to find out more about the supported OS and Browsers

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