HSBC Life Benefits+ Life Insurance Plan

Customisable group life insurance solutions for all budgets and needs

Make your employees feel valued, and they will add value to your business

HSBC Life Benefits+ Life Insurance Plan is designed to encourage your employees by showing you care. Through actual incentives you can truly motivate them to help take your business beyond borders.

Features and benefits

A wide range of benefit options for you to mix and match

  • With 8 basic plans and 3 optional hospital cash benefit plans, you can tailor your group life insurance solutions that suit your employees’ needs.

Additional protection against death or serious injury

  • In addition to the death benefit, each life plan is embedded with an additional accidental death and dismemberment benefit1 on top of the basic plan, with no additional premium required.

Hospital cash for extra financial support

  • You can also add an optional hospital cash benefit, available at affordable premiums, to your basic life plan to help cover hospital expenses if the insured person is hospitalised for more than 6 consecutive hours, up to a maximum of 90 days per disability per year.

Affordable premiums2 for comprehensive coverage

  • For a life benefit of HKD100,000, the annual premium per employee starts at just HKD43.4, while for a hospital cash benefit of HKD3503 per day, and the annual premium per employee starts at HKD2314.

Simple application for companies of all sizes

  • Companies with 6 or more full-time employees can apply without any medical underwriting, while those with less than 6 full-time employees5 only need to make a simple health declaration.

The information shown above is intended as a general summary. Please see product summary, important notes and key risks in the product brochure. For product details, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the relevant policy contracts, product brochures (PDF, 610KB) and proposals.

Valuing your employees is essential to a thriving business

Our flagship group medical and group life insurance solutions ‘HSBC Life Benefits+’ offer an extensive range of basic and flexible coverage to protect the well-being of your employees. Find out more from the video below – a business consultant speaks to three business owners running companies of different scales and sectors and provides them with group insurance advices that address their employees’ medical and life protection needs.

Watch it now to find out how small and big enterprises alike can take care of their employees.

HSBC Life Benefits+ app

HSBC Life Benefits+ app is a one-stop health and wellness digital platform that gives your employees an enriching experience.

Your employees, as an HSBC Life Benefits+ member, can review their medical insurance benefits, manage their claims and see tailored health and wellness recommendations on how to improve their lifestyle. All with just a few taps on the HSBC Life Benefits+ app.

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Download the app7 now:

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