e-Cheque is a new innovative service that will revolutionise the way you issue and deposit cheques.

Product highlights

With e-Cheque you can avoid all the logistical hassles of delivering and depositing a paper cheque because it’s all done electronically. It’s fast, convenient and best of all it’s free to use.

e-Cheque allows SMEs to issue cheques online anytime – even when overseas. See how Speedy Group can now securely do business beyond boundaries with a digital signature.

The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd. took advantage of e-Cheque and its complete digital platform. See how reliable and convenient it is to save administrative costs.

Features and benefits

  • 24 hour convenience – Issue, deliver and deposit e-Cheques anytime of the day
  • Save time and money – Reduce cost on postage/delivery of physical cheque
  • Increased security – Digitally encrypted to prevent editing
  • Peace of mind – Online status tracking of your issued and deposited e-Cheques
  • Extended deposit cut off times to 7 pm HKT
  • Supports HKD, RMB* and USD cheques
  • Access e-Cheque services anywhere in the world through the Internet
  • Better record keeping as all e-Cheques are electronic copies
  • Available on both Business Internet Banking and HSBCnet
  • No cheque books are required
  • Support multiple e-Cheque issuance<sup>2</sup> or deposits<sup>3</sup> to facilitate daily operations

How does it work?

Please note: e-Cheque is simple to set up on Business Internet Banking. There are no application forms required, everything can be done online within a few clicks.

e-Cheque issuance is not available in HSBCnet.

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