Faster Payment System

A faster, simpler, cost-effective way of processing payments

With Faster Payment System (FPS), you can now initiate HKD or RMB payments to your business partners in Hong Kong using their mobile phone numbers, email addresses or FPS ID as alternatives to bank account numbers. The fund will be transferred in real time after your confirmation.

Features and benefits

  • Easy to use: Initiate payments using a mobile number, email address or FPS ID
  • Fast and transparent: Make real time fund transfers to any banks in Hong Kong anytime, anywhere
  • Cost-effective: Reduce administrative costs and transaction fees, such as handling payment with cash or cheque

Act Now

Get your company ready to make and receive bank transfer via Faster Payment System. Simply go to Business Internet Banking or HSBCnet and link your mobile number, email address or FPS ID to your business account.

How to receive payment from your customers via FPS?

We have just launched HSBC Business Collect where businesses can accept FPS payments. Visit HSBC Business Collect to learn more.



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