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Free email services to accelerate import procedures and give you rapid status updates on your trade transactions.

Features and benefits

  • Accelerates import and export procedures
  • Significant savings in document replication and storage costs
  • Instant email status reports on your transactions with HSBC
  • Free of charge

Additional information

  • As soon as an import Documentary Credit (DC) is issued, you receive a copy by email, so you can forward it to your supplier and other trade partners
  • As soon as we receive the SWIFT message, an export DC copy is sent to you by email, so you can start export procedures earlier
  • Electronic DCs can be copied into other documents for speed and accuracy
  • Suppliers can start producing goods or collating shipping orders before they receive the original DC
  • Up to five email accounts can simultaneously receive the DC copy
  • Our free DC Safe Custody service will store your original DCs

Five Instant@dvice options

  • Export SWIFT DC and amendment copies
  • Import SWIFT DC and amendment copies
  • Export SWIFT DC, amendment copies and export advices
  • Export SWIFT DC and amendment copies, and import SWIFT DC and amendment copies
  • All of the above

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