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Connecting the world through trade

A world where your ideas travel faster, trade is digital and safer, and your business can grow with confidence. HSBC is your trusted strategic partner for your trade needs – providing you with insight, helping you spot opportunities and risks, and making sense of an ever changing world.

For more than 155 years, HSBC has been financing trade in some of the most vibrant markets globally. Our rich trade history is now a modern-day strength as we support businesses to grow globally, make new connections, expand into new markets, and navigate an ever-changing landscape.


Vivek Ramachandran

Head of Global Trade Solutions

Our awards


Voted the World’s Best Trade Finance Service Bank for 7 consecutive years by Euromoney¹


The World’s Best Transaction Bank by The Banker²

World’s largest trade bank providing you access to 90% of global trade flows³

5,000+ trade specialists spanning more than 50+ markets⁴

We facilitated $850bn of trade in 2023⁵

HSBC TradePay

A simplified, digital trade finance solution that empowers you to draw your trade finance loan and make just-in-time payments to suppliers immediately. It provides you more control over the timing of your trade payables.

Import Documentary Credit

A payment method that reduces risk and strengthens your negotiating position.

Financing under Export Documentary Collections

If you're expecting a payment under Documentary Collections, you may receive advance funding from HSBC.

Export Documentary Collections

A simple alternative to Export Documentary Credits that protects your interests over documents and payment collections via banks.

Export DC Confirmation

A cost-effective way to minimise your exposure to risk with additional protection for DC payments.

Export DC Advising

Offering a range of services to streamline export procedures.

Packing Credit

Pre-shipment loans against Export Documentary Credit ("DC") to assist your cash flow needs at the production stage.

Export DC Transfer

You can reduce the risk of non-payment by having a DC transferred to you.

Post-shipment Seller Loan

Get the financing you need upfront after you deliver the goods/services to buyers.

Pre-shipment Seller Loan

Pre-shipment Seller Loan against Export Document Credit (“DC”) or Purchase Order to assist your cash flow needs at the production stage.


Make sure your suppliers in China receive your import Documentary Credits as quickly as possible so they get started on fulfilling your order without delay.

Documentary Collections

A simple alternative to Documentary Credits that gives you prompt access to goods.

Buyer Loan

A trade finance solution that allows you to capitalise on new business opportunities and strengthen your negotiating position with suppliers.

Transferable Documentary Credit

A Documentary Credit with the option to allow an intermediary agent to transfer their rights and obligations to the supplier.

Shipping Guarantee

Benefit from immediate access to goods without having to wait for all the transport documents.


Free email services to accelerate import procedures and give you rapid status updates on your trade transactions.

Export Bill Negotiations

You may receive funding as soon as you present your shipping documents when trading under Documentary Credit terms.


A guarantee or bond, as they are sometimes known, provides the beneficiary with acceptable security if the applicant (you) fails to fulfil its obligations in the underlying contract and helps to manage international trade risk.

Receivables Finance

If you are selling on open account terms and need solution on financing, credit protection or collection, check out our Receivables Finance options.

Digital Receivables Finance

Supercharge your cash flow and unlock the power of your sales invoices with Receivables Finance. Apply easily online and upload your accounting data using our intelligent mapping tool.

Finance for Open Account Trading

If you are trading on open account terms, see what financing options are available.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Our marine insurance specialists can advise you on the cover you need to help reduce your trading risks.

Trade Credit Insurance

If you run a trading business and need to rely on credit for cash flow, then this could be the product for you.

Services Trade

Services providers, new economy companies, and businesses in traditional industries with services related operations can now access funds with our trade financing solution