HSBC New Economy Fund

HSBC is committed to supporting the ecosystem of innovation and helping fast-growing early-stage companies in the technology and life sciences sectors expand.

Our USD3 billion HSBC New Economy Fund is dedicated to providing high-growth, innovative companies across Hong Kong and mainland China with a suite of tailored debt solutions from Series A onwards in support of national or international expansion.

Under the Fund, HSBC can also provide Venture Debt financing to innovative economy companies at Series B and beyond, incorporating equity warrants into bespoke lending structures to reduce interest costs.

Priority New Economy sectors

Sectors for HSBC New Economy Fund

Why HSBC New Economy Fund?

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    Reduce shareholder dilution

  • new-economy-fund-image-icon-3

    Lower the overall cost of capital

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    Push out subsequent equity round, debt fund working capital, and redeploy equity to higher ROI initiatives

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    Extend cash liquidity

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    Build an early lending relationship with a leading international bank

Facility characteristics

Facility characteristics

Company profile

HSBC New Economy Fund

  • USD4m+ in annual revenues¹
  • Series A stage or beyond; with strong institutional Venture Capital or Private Equity investor backing
  • Cash liquidity of more than 12 months
  • Year-on-Year revenue growth higher than 20%

Venture Debt

  • USD20m+ in annual revenues
  • USD10m+ ticket size
  • Series B stage or beyond; with strong institutional Venture Capital or Private Equity investor backing
  • Year-on-Year revenue growth higher than 20% for 2 consecutive years

¹ Selected facilities are available for pre-revenue healthcare companies e.g. biotech

Reminder: ‘To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!’

Customer Story

Learn about how HSBC New Economy Fund supports the growth of local companies in innovation economy.

For more information, please contact the HSBC Hong Kong coverage team:

Harry Jarman
Head of Venture Debt, Commercial Banking, Hong Kong




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