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You can search for prices, fund types or fund houses, investment regions that you prefer online. Diversify your investments with our great range of Unit Trusts.

Features and benefits

  • Enjoy the initial subscription charge offer for online subscription on unit trusts*

Subscription Amount/
Fund Type

Unit Trust initial charge offer

Non-Bond Funds

Bond Funds

Less than HK$1,000,000



HK$1,000,000 or above



  • Select online from a full list of Unit Trusts and get a price
  • Spread your risk by diversifying your investments across many sectors and countries
  • Pool your resources with groups of investors to capture global opportunities
  • Select unit trusts denominated in any preferred currencies, including RMB, to capitalize on the potential growth in overseas markets
  • Buy and sell Unit Trusts on any dealing day without tying up your cash flow
  • Unit trusts allow you to invest in securities, bonds, currencies and commodities in markets around the world
  • HSBC offers numerous Unit Trusts and mutual funds through HSBC Investments (HK) Ltd. and selected third-party fund houses

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