Real-time FX: Seamless Foreign Currency Exchange

HSBC offers real-time FX services^ with preferential rates via HSBCnet, Business Internet Banking and HSBC Business Express mobile app. For instance, you can use FX Order Watch* to set your target rate and have your currencies automatically converted. With added flexibility, your business can easily exchange foreign currencies or make cross-border payments.

Features & benefits

Convert up to 25 major currencies# with real-time support

Enjoy preferential exchange rates** via HSBCnet, Business Internet Banking and Business Mobile Banking

Manage cross-border payments and corresponding foreign exchange requirements in one go

Banking made easy with FX services that cover your needs

Whatever your foreign exchange and investment needs, HSBC's comprehensive FX services* – FX Order Watch, FX Rate Alert, Telegraphic Transfer for overseas payments and FX Time Deposit allow you to manage all your FX needs easily.

Real-time FX benefits

  • Manage cross-currency conversions up to 25 major currencies# with flexibility
  • RMB conversion is supported through access to the offshore market in Hong Kong
  • Real-time exchange rates for transaction amounts up to USD10 million (or equivalent)
  • Enjoy preferential exchange rates**
  • Operation hours are extended to 6 pm on working days
  • Experience transaction services in a faster, more convenient and secure way via HSBCnet, Business Internet Banking or HSBC Business Express mobile app

Manage your FX needs easily with our digital solutions

  • Insights: Make informed FX decisions according to tailored insights and live charts
  • Rate Alert: Set up your target exchange rate and get notifications via your preferred channel once it has been reached
  • Order Watch: Set up your currency pair, target exchange rate and order amount. Once your target exchange rate has been reached, your order will be processed automatically

Manage all your FX needs in ease

Watch the video now to learn how our Real-time FX solutions and our Business Debit Mastercard empower your business to make payment smarter

How to set up FX Order Watch and Alerts

Save more with the HSBC Business Debit Mastercard®

  • Pays in 12 major currencies at preferential rates
  • No handling fee for foreign currency transactions***
  • No handling fee for local cash withdrawals from HSBC Network ATMs

HSBC Currency Zone

Get the complete FX picture

Check, track and chart your favourite FX rates and stay informed with expert insights, all in one place.
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Note: Indicative foreign exchange rates are exclusive to transactions via HSBC company or corporate accounts only.



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