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Customisable group life insurance solutions for all budgets and needs

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Make your employees feel valued, and they will add value to your business

HSBC Life Benefits+ Life Insurance Plan is designed to encourage your employees by showing you care. Through actual incentives you can truly motivate them to help take your business beyond borders.

Exclusive Offer

Business Heroes Complimentary Group Life Offer – first year group life benefit

Every business faces challenges, yet we understand your commitment to employee protection remains the same. HSBC Life is pleased to launch a complimentary offer to help you place greater value on workplace wellness – appreciating those who help your business thrive.

Eligible HSBC Commercial Banking customers1  can enjoy a complimentary first-year benefit of the designated HSBC Life Benefits+ Life Insurance Plan2 (“Eligible Plan”) upon successful application for the Eligible Plan2 during the designated period3.

Please contact your Relationship Manager, Insurance Sales Manager or visit HSBC Business Centre for further details.

View offer details. Terms and Conditions apply. Exclusions apply. Offer is valid during designated period.

  1. “Eligible HSBC Commercial Banking customers” mean existing HSBC Commercial Banking customers, subject to the terms and conditions of the offer. The Eligible HSBC Commercial Banking customers must remain existing HSBC Commercial Banking customers on the policy effective date of the Designated HSBC Life Benefits+ Life Insurance Plan2 in order to enjoy the offer.
  2. “Eligible Plan” or “Designated HSBC Life Benefits+ Life Insurance Plan” means Basic Plan 2 of the HSBC Life Benefits+ Life Insurance Plan with a term life benefit of HKD100,000 per member and an embedded accidental death and dismemberment benefit.
  3. “Designated period” means the Eligible HSBC Commercial Banking customers who have successfully submitted the application of the Designated HSBC Life Benefits+ Life Insurance Plan, between 7 October 2021 and 5 November 2021 (both dates inclusive, “Designated period”) and the application is approved by HSBC Life (International) Limited on or before 31 December 2021.

Complimentary Special Benefits for COVID-19

For HSBC Commercial Banking customer who takes out a new HSBC Life Benefits+ Life Insurance Plan (with policy effective date between 1 February 2021 and 31 December 2021, both dates inclusive), the Insured Persons under the policy will also receive the following Complimentary Special Benefits for COVID-19, with cover guaranteed for the first policy year.

Benefit Benefit Description Benefit Coverage
Diagnosis Benefit If the Insured Person is diagnosed with COVID-19 by a Registered Medical Practitioner, we will provide a lump sum payment as Diagnosis Benefit. Benefit amount
Hospital Cash Benefit If the Insured Person is admitted to Hospital due to COVID-19 upon the recommendation of a Registered Medical Practitioner, a daily hospital cash will be paid. Benefit amount
HKD1,000 per day
(up to 45 days)

Terms and conditions apply. Exclusions apply.

Features and benefits

A wide range of benefit options for you to mix and match

  • With 8 basic plans and 3 optional hospital cash benefit plans, you can tailor your group life insurance solutions that suit your employees’ needs.

Additional protection against death or serious injury

  • In addition to the death benefit, each life plan is embedded with an additional accidental death and dismemberment benefit1 on top of the basic plan, with no additional premium required.

Hospital cash for extra financial support

  • You can also add an optional hospital cash benefit, available at affordable premiums, to your basic life plan to help cover hospital expenses if the insured person is hospitalised for more than 6 consecutive hours, up to a maximum of 90 days per disability per year.

Affordable premiums2 for comprehensive coverage

  • For a life benefit of HKD100,000, the annual premium per employee starts at just HKD43.4, while for a hospital cash benefit of HKD3503 per day, and the annual premium per employee starts at HKD2314.

Simple application for companies of all sizes

  • Companies with 6 or more full-time employees can apply without any medical underwriting, while those with less than 6 full-time employees5 only need to make a simple health declaration.

The information shown above is intended as a general summary. Please see product summary, important notes and key risks in the product brochure. For product details, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the relevant policy contracts, product brochures and proposals.

Valuing your employees is essential to a thriving business

Our flagship group medical and group life insurance solutions ‘HSBC Life Benefits+’ offer an extensive range of basic and flexible coverage to protect the well-being of your employees. Find out more from the video below – a business consultant speaks to three business owners running companies of different scales and sectors and provides them with group insurance advices that address their employees’ medical and life protection needs.

Watch it now to find out how small and big enterprises alike can take care of their employees.

HSBC Life Benefits+ app

HSBC Life Benefits+ app is a one-stop health and wellness digital platform that gives your employees an enriching experience.

Your employees, as an HSBC Life Benefits+ member, can review their medical insurance benefits, manage their claims and see tailored health and wellness recommendations on how to improve their lifestyle. All with just a few taps on the HSBC Life Benefits+ app.

Click here to understand more.

Download the app7 now:

Or log on to HSBC Life Benefits+ online

End Notes

  1. Each member can claim accidental death and dismemberment benefit up to 50% of the basic plan’s sum insured each year.
  2. Premium is renewable yearly and non-guaranteed.
  3. If a company has only 2 employees, it can select Plan 1 and/or Plan 2 of Basic plan, and it can select Plan 1 of Hospital cash benefit (HKD350 per day) only.
  4. The employee is assumed clerical employee between age6 16-25.
  5. The plan is applicable to companies registered in Hong Kong SAR with 2 or more full-time employees.
  6. Age refers to the age of the insured person on his/her last birthday.
  7. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, Touch ID and Face ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered or in the process of being registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.


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