Certificates of Deposit

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One of our lower risk investment opportunities with the option of a range of currencies, maturities and interest payment terms.

How it works?

Watch the video to learn more about what CD is and how it can be a powerful tool for managing your company profit and earning an interest return.

How do I access to the Certificate of Deposit trading service?

The Certificate of Deposit (CD) trading service is available on Business Internet Banking. Log on and follow the User Guide  to place your order and manage your portfolio.

Features and benefits

  • Offers stable and predictable coupons as streams of income, and predictable repayment of principal at maturity.
  • Generally offers a higher interest rate than normal savings accounts or time deposits
  • The principal is returned in full on maturity
  • Certificates of Deposits are available in major currencies including Renminbi
  • Loan advance ratio up to 70% for maximum financial flexibility
  • Flexible investment choices for customers investing with a minimum investment amount as low as HK$50,000

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