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Provides you with an all-inclusive package that gives your company financial control and flexibility to manage business travel and entertainment expenses successfully.

A brand new look for your HSBC Corporate Mastercard

We are progressively launching the new design for our credit cards in 2017.

Card-Not-Present (“CNP”) Credit Card Transaction Notification

With effect from 28 August 2016, the Bank will send cardholders a notification when a Card-Not-Present ("CNP") credit card transaction* is accepted. Please provide your cardholder’s mobile number and/or email address in advance to receive the notification, by completing the form (PDF, 76KB) and returning it by mail. Otherwise, future CNP credit card transactions of those cardholder(s) may be rejected.

Mastercard contactless payment function

Simply tap your Mastercard with contactless payment function in thousands of stores in town, including supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and department stores, with Mastercard contactless payment terminals for secure, swift and convenient contactless payment without signature^, in addition to an array of spending benefits and rewards provided by HSBC Commercial Cards. For more details on HSBC Commercial Cards with contactless payment function, please contact our Customer Service Hotline on +852 2748 4343 for any assistance.


HSBC’s Corporate Card1 Programme has become an integral part of many organisations’ expense management strategy. It provides a better way to manage employee spending on travel/entertainment and other expenditures. Your employees enjoy the flexibility of the HSBC Corporate Card while your company stays within its spending policies. In addition, our Corporate Card also enhances your operational efficiency by lowering the cost of tracking and processing employee expenses.

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