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HSBC’s global network helps you connect to the GBA and the globe. Open HSBC’s business account as your first step for the business growth in the GBA via our banking products and services, and advisory services from relationship managers.

GBA 1+1 Welcome Offer for business customer

HSBC business account helps you connect to the Greater Bay Area and the globe for your business ambition. Open a Hong Kong business account with us and enjoy our privileged welcome offer to you.

From now until 30 June 2023, you can enjoy the following welcome offer* if you:

  1. successfully submit a HSBC Hong Kong business account opening request; and
  2. open a new HSBC China Commercial Business Banking business account within 3 months prior or after the submission of the HSBC Hong Kong business account opening request


Welcome offer*:

100% discount on account opening fee

for the first business account opening request with HSBC Hong Kong, with a value at HKD1,600

Open an HSBC Hong Kong Business Integrated Account online now!


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If you want to explore more account opening welcome offers from HSBC China, please visit HSBC Business Account Connect | HSBC China.

Account opening service by video conference

Opening an HSBC Hong Kong business account by video conference - for companies in the mainland cities of the Greater Bay Area

If you are in mainland China and would like to open a business account with HSBC Hong Kong, you may do so without crossing the border by using our account opening service by video conference. You could apply the service via HSBC Hong Kong and a session could be arranged by HSBC China at one of our designated branches in mainland China for you to complete the witnessing and signature of your business account opening with HSBC Hong Kong.

Remarks: To successfully open a bank account, your company must fulfil HSBC Hong Kong’s account opening requirements as well as be allowed to open a bank account in Hong Kong under the existing Foreign Exchange Administration Framework in mainland China.

To learn more, please visit "How do mainland businesses open bank accounts in Hong Kong by way of video conference", or contact us for details.

Business Integrated Accounts

With options for startups and established small and medium-sized businesses, our integrated account solutions offer essential banking and trade services that suit your business needs. Simplify management of different business finances with access to a range of banking services via a single account. Get free alert and email notifications on key account activities.

You can now open an HSBC Business Integrated Account online!

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