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Businesses require seamless cross-border banking solutions to support their development and growth. Our dedicated GBA servicing team helps you with your GBA enquiries with ease and speed, and provide you with one-bank experience in the GBA.

Features of HSBC GBA Business Service Connect

Dedicated GBA hotline

Simply call our Hong Kong hotline at +852 2748 8288 press #, 7, 1 after language selection after the telephone number for your enquiries about HSBC products and service in the GBA in one go

Live Chat function

Our dedicated servicing team can answer your enquiries about GBA banking solutions through the live chat function of our HSBC GBA WeChat Mini Programme

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GBA WeChat Mini Programme

Access to HSBC Group financial services and latest market insights of the GBA on WeChat, helping you to develop your businesses and enhance growth potential in the region.

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Or search “汇丰大湾区企业服务” on WeChat

Learn about HSBC Group's banking products and services in the GBA anytime, anywhere

HSBC Group provides a diverse range of financial products and services in the GBA, that help you capture the opportunities ahead in the GBA.

  • Global Payments Solutions
  • Global Trade Solutions
  • Credit and Lending
  • GBA+ Technology Fund and GBA+ Healthcare Fund
  • Sustainable Finance in the GBA

Stay ahead of GBA market insights

The business environment of the GBA is ever-changing. You can find the latest GBA market insights and knowledge in the GBA WeChat Mini Programme to help you identify potential growth opportunities.

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