Important notices

EUR and CHF Negative Credit Interest update

For Global Banking and Commercial Banking clients in Hong Kong who had negative interest rates applied to their EUR and CHF accounts, the applicable interest rates will be changed with effect from 1st August 2022. For current accounts in EUR and CHF, the applicable interest rate will be zero, and for savings accounts in those currencies, the applicable interest rate will be based on the standard savings rate as published on our public website.

Commercial Tariffs

Please visit Commercial Tariffs for details of update tariffs for Hong Kong commercial customers effective Nov 2022.

Notice regarding autoPay services via CD-ROM and Smart Form payments submission

Due to recent COVID-19 circumstances, the submission arrangement for CD-ROM autoPay instructions and Smart Form payment instructions maybe affected due to various reasons including specific operational arrangements in individual HSBC branches, delay in postage or courier services, etc.

In view of this, we would like to encourage you to submit autoPay and payment instructions via our eChannels - Business Internet Banking (BIB) or HSBCnet. These e-Channels are accessible 24x7, more secure and offer lower banking transaction fees for certain products. If you do not have access to our e-Channels, or you would like to start submitting autoPay and payment instructions through our e-Channels, please contact your usual HSBC representatives to obtain more information.

If you wish to continue to submit CD-ROM autoPay and Smart Form payment instructions at our branches, please be assured that we will continue to accept your instructions as usual, unless otherwise advised by us in future. We recommend that you submit your CD-ROM autoPay and Smart Form payment instructions in advance at your convenience to reduce the risk of delay in delivery to HSBC.

For ease of our future communications, please update your latest business e-mail address record and mobile phone number with us. You can visit our Form Download Centre for details.

For latest information and arrangement on our services, please continue visiting the Important Notices on our public website.

Notice of Changes On Account Terms And Conditions

Notice of Changes on the Business Integrated Account General Conditions – Commercial Banking / Business Integrated Account General Condition – Global Banking / General Terms and Conditions – Commercial Banking / General Terms and Conditions – Global Banking, effective 8 January 2022 (“effective date”)

Please note that for all accounts opened with us under any of the abovementioned Terms and Conditions prior to 9 March 2021 with effect on and from the effective date, the following amendments will be made to:

  1. Clause 20.1 of Section I of the Business Integrated Account General Conditions – Commercial Banking;
  2. Clause 20.1 of Section I of the Business Integrated Account General Conditions – Global Banking;
  3. Part B2 of the General Terms and Conditions – Commercial Banking; and
  4. Clause 1.25 of the General Terms and Conditions – Global Banking,

to the effect that any termination of business banking services or business bank accounts by an account holder shall require at least 30 days’ prior written notice to us. For details, please refer to the Notice of Changes (PDF, 452KB).

Please visit the Account Services Forms for the amended terms and conditions.

We Value Your Health

As your banking partner, we want to do our best to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. Before you enter our Business Centre, you are advised to put on a surgical mask. Hand sanitiser will be available inside the centre. Our staff will also measure your body temperature at the entrance. If your body temperature is at 37.5 degree Celsius or above, you will be invited to seek medical attention immediately and come back after you get well.

Fraud Alert

  1. Beware of online scams – Recently we are aware of a new way of phishing related to coronavirus. The coronavirus-themed scams, including phishing emails, fraudulent calls, and disinformation campaigns, may contain suspicious links of files or an app called ‘Coronavirus Map’. These scams serve no intention of providing useful information, but instead are designed to deliver malware to devices, and capture user names, passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data. If you are suspicious of any e-mail/SMS that claims to come from HSBC, please call our hotline +852 2748 8288 to verify, or delete the item without opening it. This caution should apply to all unexpected e-mails/SMS with links or attachments. To find out more, please read our Security Tips.
  2. Remember to stay alert and watch out for phishing SMSes, emails and fraudulent websites. We would never send any SMS or email with a link requesting you to log on to HSBC Business Internet Banking.

Protect your Personal Digital Keys; Beware of Fraudulent Links!

To find out more, please read our Security Tips.

Understanding and Preventing Money Mule Scams

“Don't be tempted by quick money. Don't lend your bank account to anyone to launder money.”

A money mule is someone who transfers or processes illegal money on behalf of others. Beware of criminals who offer quick money via telemarketing or social media platforms to lure the public into selling or lending their bank accounts or use their personal credentials to open bank accounts. Criminals will then use these stooge accounts to receive / launder fraudulent payments or other crime proceeds.

Never sell or lend your bank accounts or personal credentials to others as these might be abused for unlawful purposes and may expose you to the risk of committing money laundering offences – the maximum penalty is a fine of HKD5 million and 14-year imprisonment.

Visit the HKMA website to learn more about “Don’t Lend/Sell Your Account”.

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