A guarantee or bond, as they are sometimes known, provides the beneficiary with acceptable security if the applicant (you) fails to fulfil its obligations in the underlying contract and helps to manage international trade risk.


Trade Finance Blockchain Platform

Marine Cargo Insurance

Our marine insurance specialists can advise you on the cover you need to help reduce your trading risks.

Receivables Finance

If you are selling on open account terms and need solution on financing, credit protection or collection, check out our Receivables Finance options.

Finance for Open Account Trading

If you are trading on open account terms, see what financing options are available.

Trade Credit Insurance

If you run a trading business and need to rely on credit for cash flow, then this could be the product for you.

Services Trade

Services providers, new economy companies, and businesses in traditional industries with services related operations can now access funds with our trade financing solutions

Digital Receivables Finance

Supercharge your cash flow and unlock the power of your sales invoices with Receivables Finance. Apply easily online and upload your accounting data using our intelligent mapping tool.