Business to Business Solutions (B2B)

Product highlights

Our commercial cards can help companies process B2B payments, no matter you are a buyer or a supplier.

Benefits of B2B Solution*

Improve working capital
With up to 8 weeks’ interest-free repayment method
Better working capital position by
receiving the buyers’ payment faster
More visibility on expenditure i.e. reconcile reporting
Automated and simplified reconciliation
Improved security through authorization control
Mitigate the risk of bad debts from buyers
Improved procurement efficiency
Reduce paperwork and improve reporting
  • Finance and procurement departments in businesses increasingly view cost control as a strategically important process. Extending DPO (days payable outstanding) has a direct effect on a company’s ability to increase cash flow and maintain liquidity, allowing them to remain flexible and agile.
  • Working capital management lies at the heart of cash and liquidity management. Our digital solutions can also help streamline work processes and reduce man hours spent on manual reconciliation.
  • Business related expenses can be centralised through the use of commercial cards.
  • The list of merchants supporting B2B payment seeks to provide a list of merchants or sellers under different categories who have agreed to accept HSBC Commercial Credit Card as a payment method. Please note that the list is for reference only. You are free to choose and negotiate with other merchants or sellers who may accept HSBC Commercial Credit Card. If a purchase is successful, the contract for purchase will be between you and the merchants/sellers only. HSBC has no control over and does not guarantee the existence, quality, safety, legality or otherwise of the items under purchase; nor the ability of the merchants/sellers to sell the items; nor the completion of a purchase or any refund or return of a purchased item.
  • The terms and conditions of HSBC Credit Card apply to the transactions (if any) with any merchant or seller as featured in the Merchant list.

* B2B payment is not applicable to existing HSBC Business Visa and Corporate Visa credit card.

Flow of B2B Payments

1. Merchant onboarding for card acceptance 2. HSBC issuing cards to buyer 3. Byuer pays for goods using cards (Day 1) 4. Payment to supplier (Day 2-3) 5. Settle the payment (up to Day 56)




Customer to browse the merchant name list to select the suitable merchant for purchasing


Customer to contact the merchant from the list for goods ordering or enquiry


Customer and merchant to agree the transaction details such as transaction amount and delivery date etc


Customer to provide HSBC Commercial Card information directly to the merchant or input the information directly via Email Pay* as requested by the merchant


Merchant to provide the credit card paper slip to merchant acquirer for proceeding the payment

Card information and transaction details to be sent to merchant acquirer directly to proceed the payment if the transaction was processed via Email Pay*

*Email Pay is an ecommerce solution provided by merchant acquirer to act as a payment platform.


Merchant acquirer to post the transaction to the customer’s Commercial Card account [at HSBC] to collect payment

Merchant to arrange the delivery of the goods or services


HSBC to post the transaction details such as amount, date and merchant name to the card statement


Customer to settle the transaction amount according to the statement balance which have a maximum of 56 days interest fee

How B2B works?


Commercial Card as Payment Tool

Commercial Card as Collection Tool


Business Mastercard

  • HKD, RMB
  • For settling vendor payment

Purchasing Card

  • HKD
  • For settling vendor payment

Virtual Card

  • HKD, USD
  • For high volume B2B payments

Buyer Financing Programme

  • To offer Commercial Cards to the buyers of our corporate clients for facilitating their B2B payment flow from supply chain’s perspective

Key Value Proposition

  • Working capital solution (56 days interest-free repayment period)
  • Security setting control*
  • Automated reconciliation from buyers
  • Mitigated risk of bad debt from buyers
  • Received payment in T+2 days with better financial flexibility


  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) control*
  • Authorisation control (i.e. limits expenses per month, per day, per transaction)*



* Applicable to Purchasing Card and Virtual Card only.


List of merchants supporting B2B payments (PDF, 101KB)

Latest Offers

Promotional offers are given upon purchasing or spending via designated merchants/ vendors using the eligible HSBC commercial cards*.

List of promotional offers (PDF, 695KB)

* Terms and conditions apply.

MiVision and Smartdata Capabilities*

With our online self-service platform, you can facilitate your commercial card usage to manage your business expenses.


HSBC MiVision will make it easier for your card administrators and cardholders to perform card maintenance requests and apply for new cards through an online platform, so that you can manage your corporate cards with greater peace of mind. It can also significantly reduce manual form filling when you need to perform any action.

Programme management:

  • New card applications / onboarding – individual or bulk request
  • View of card administrator and cardholder status
  • Amend card limits
  • Report lost / stolen cards
  • Request replacement cards
  • Statement viewing
  • Create custom reports

Transaction management:

  • View statement and download transaction details
  • Transactional data available for spending analysis


Smartdata is a proprietary platform provided by Mastercard. It allows programme administrators and cardholders to review company and personal transactions any time. There are three functionalities.

Programme management:

  • Create and manage user profiles
  • Manage spending limits and merchant category code controls

Transaction management:

  • View card transactions and statements
  • Cost allocate transactions before export (optional)
  • Monitor compliance with policies
  • Upload receipts (optional)


  • 3 years of transactional data available for card account analysis on supplier side
  • Create bespoke reports using more than 250 pieces of data
  • Export card transaction reports in Excel or CSV files

*Applicable to Purchasing Card and Virtual Card only.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

HSBC has not authorised or appointed any intermediaries to conduct telesales marketing activities for promotion of commercial lending / commercial cards.

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