HSBC Business Debit Mastercard®

Manage day-to-day expenses and multicurrency spending with ease
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Gives you full control of your finances with flexibility and reliability. Transact anytime, anywhere, with no annual fee and no handling fees for foreign currency transactions.

Features and benefits

Why you'll want it

Easy access to major currencies

  • Purchases and cash withdrawals in 12 major currencies will be debited directly from your Business Integrated Account*
  • Access to global ATM networks

No fees, and extra rewards

  • Earn an uncapped 0.5% instant cash rebate on eligible spending
  • No handling fee for foreign currency transactions
  • No handling fee for local cash withdrawals from HSBC network ATMs in Hong Kong
  • No annual fee

Always in control

  • More control and transparency on who makes payments, where and when
  • Instant SMS notifications on all card-not-present (CNP) transactions and changes to transaction limit
* Your spending in 12 major currencies will be debited directly from the corresponding foreign currency deposits in your Business Integrated Account if sufficient funds are in place. These currencies include AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, RMB, SGD, THB, USD. Any transactions outside of these currencies will be settled in HKD according to the prevailing exchange rate.

How to apply

Existing HSBC Commercial Banking Customers

Log on to HSBC Business Internet Banking to apply for the card following the step-by-step application guide.

Not a Business Internet Banking registered user?

or submit a paper application form to HSBC Business Centre

Don’t yet have an HSBC Business Integrated Account?

You can now apply for an HSBC Business Debit Mastercard together with the HSBC Business Integrated Account.

Hear from our customers

Empowering JSD Electronics for more efficient international payments

Watch the videos to learn more

See how Cecilia So stays on top of her business with our new HSBC Business Debit Mastercard.

Flexibility is key when it comes to controlling business spending. Find out how Cecilia manages the spending limits for her employees with the HSBC HK Business Express mobile app.
Cecilia is always on the lookout for the finest local ingredients from around the world for her business. Discover how she transacts in 12 major currencies at preferential rates.
Turn business expenses into rewards! See how Cecilia earns an uncapped 0.5% immediate cash rebate on eligible business spending.


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