Bill Payment

Discover hassle-free bill payments and other benefits with HSBC Business Internet Banking.

Product highlights

  • 24 Hours Collection channel
  • Instant checksum validation to verify your payor
  • Save costs and improve efficiency
  • Extensive collection points for your customers to perform bill payments

Features and benefits

  • Offers a range of user-friendly, 24-hours remote channels via ATMs, Phone Banking, Personal Internet Banking (PIB), Business Internet Banking (BIB) and Cheque Deposit Machine (CQM)
  • Migrate to bill payment instead of maintaining your own counters
  • Allows your payers to input specific payment reference with customized validation logic and sends payment reference back to you for ease of reconciliation
  • Offers 24 hours collection service with over 1000 ATMs, one of the largest Internet Banking customer base as well as customer base

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