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Supporting businesses towards a low-carbon economy

From sustainability to business growth

At HSBC, sustainability means building businesses for the long term, forging growth and fostering sustainable development. We are committed to partnering with you in the transition to a low-carbon economy for a sustainable future.

Sustainable Financing Programme

Our Sustainable Financing Programme provides financial support and recognition for customers investing in eco-friendly equipment and adopting a sustainable way of doing business. You may apply for facilities under the Sustainable Financing Programme if the equipment to be purchased or upgraded can contribute to reducing carbon emission.

Features of Sustainable Financing

Flexible instalment loans, hire purchase or leasing to fit your unique business needs

Get financing of up to 100% of the purchase price of the machine, equipment or installation and the capital expenditure incidental to the installation and proper functioning of the equipment

Minimum financing amount: HK$1,000,000

Repayment period of up to five years

Extra offers

Carbon saving* (in form of cash rebate) of up to 0.1% of financing amount per annum

Free Environmental Awareness Training provided by the Business Environment Council (BEC)

A “Certificate of Participation” in recognition of your company’s contribution to sustainable development

More Green Financing Solutions

In support of the green transformation of businesses, we are offering different green financing solutions that are tailored to businesses of different sizes and shapes.

Sustainability Linked Loans

Sustainability Linked Loans are made available to facilitate and support environmentally and socially sustainable economic activities and growth; and link the borrower’s cost of capital to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) /sustainability metrics.

Green Trade Finance

A trade finance facility supporting eligible environmentally sustainable trade activities (e.g. purchase, supply of goods or services) and adhering to the Green Loan Principles.

Green Loans

Green loans are made available for the finance or refinance, in whole or in part, of new or existing eligible Green Projects. They are similar to a normal corporate loan, but need to follow the Green Loans Principles.

Why Green Financing Solutions

Gain reputation


Gain positive reputation

Grow your business


Integrate sustainability into your business strategy, products, and services to enable long-term growth

Improve green credentials


Build up profiles in the green finance market to enhance attractiveness for investors

Reduce climate impact


Get your eligible green projects funded to reduce climate impact of your company’s operational activities

Stay resilient


Gain access to new markets, providing greater resilience to market disruption caused by climate change and decreasing risk across portfolios

Meet new investment opportunities


Start investing in renewable energies, Research & Development activities and efficiency improvement

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We are always here to support businesses towards a sustainable future. Please contact your Relationship Manager or call 2748 8238 for more details.

Reminder: “To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!”

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