Sustainable Financing Programme

Supporting businesses towards a low-carbon economy

From sustainability to business growth

At HSBC, sustainability means building businesses for the long term, forging growth and fostering sustainable development. We are committed to partnering with you in the transition to a low-carbon economy for a sustainable future.

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Hong Kong is positioning itself as the region’s leading green financing hub. Many of its industries have already embraced the ‘green transformation’, a model to drive business value while at the same time, contributing to the environment. A sustainable economy is one of HSBC’s long-term strategies and we are working closely with enterprises to build a sustainable future together. We have created a video series that includes interviews with the Hong Kong Green Finance Association and leading corporations from across a range of sectors, including Construction and Real Estate, and Textile and Garment. Our videos provide insight on how these companies have been able to achieve success by partnering with a bank that shares a philosophy for sustainability.


Taking the lead on green finance

Sustainable development has become an increasingly important agenda in the boardrooms. In this video, Terence Chiu, Head of Commercial Banking, Hong Kong, HSBC speaks with Tracy Wong Harris, Deputy Secretary General of The Hong Kong Green Finance Association to obtain her insights into Hong Kong’s path towards becoming an international green finance centre for Asia and the expanding scale and diversity of green finance options available to local corporates.


To weave a sustainable future - LAWSGROUP

Being environmentally conscious is an ever-increasing priority for our society and our customers. Businesses have responded by incorporating sustainability initiatives into their business strategy and undergoing a green transformation. In this video, Bosco Law, Deputy Chairman & CEO of LAWSGROUP, outlines how the implementation of sustainable practices is not limited to reducing energy and emissions, but also through ‘Creating Shared Value’. This concept supports the sustainable development of the apparel industry’s entire ecosystem and the on-going success of an increasingly evolving sector.

Build for the future – Chinachem Group

Demand for green buildings has seen exponential grown globally over the past decade as a means of addressing some of the most pressing environmental issues. Donald Choi, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Chinachem Group, outlines in this video how both the architectural designs and the process by which they are created are core elements to not only saving energy and reducing carbon emissions but also strengthening communities and individual's wellbeing.


The opinions expressed by the speakers only represent the opinions of the speakers, the opinions cannot be regarded as suggestions from the Bank.

Sustainable Financing Programme

Our Sustainable Financing Programme provides financial support and recognition for customers investing in eco-friendly equipment and adopting a sustainable way of doing business. You may apply for facilities under the Sustainable Financing Programme if the equipment to be purchased or upgraded can contribute to reducing carbon emission.

Features of Sustainable Financing

  • Flexible instalment loans, hire purchase or leasing to fit your unique business needs
  • Get financing of up to 100% of the purchase price of the machine, equipment or installation and the capital expenditure incidental to the installation and proper functioning of the equipment
  • Minimum financing amount: HK$1,000,000
  • Repayment period of up to five years

Extra offers

  • Carbon saving* (in form of cash rebate) of up to 0.1% of financing amount per annum
  • Free Environmental Awareness Training provided by the Business Environment Council (BEC)
  • A “Certificate of Participation” in recognition of your company’s contribution to sustainable development

Eligibility criteria

Applicants who acquire machine, equipment or installation with expected carbon emission reduction based on the Business Environment Council’s‡ environmental merit assessment result are eligible. Typical examples include:

  • Use of renewable energy and / or energy source with less carbon dioxide emission
  • More energy-efficient machine or equipment
  • Sewage management system

Environmental merit assessment

Each application will go through an environmental merit assessment conducted by the Business Environment Council.

The 4 steps to apply environmental merit assessment

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We are always here to support businesses towards a sustainable future. Please contact your Relationship Manager or call 2748 8238 for more details.

Reminder: “To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!”

* Carbon saving is calculated by the carbon dioxide emission reduction assessed by the Business Environment Council and the conversion factor determined by HSBC. Carbon dioxide emission reduction is based on the carbon concentration of electricity generation, water / energy savings of the new machine / equipment and prevailing carbon credit conversion in secondary market. Carbon saving will be paid out in form of cash rebate on the credit facility. Carbon saving enjoyed by each customer is capped at 0.1% of the loan amount or HK$200,000 per annum, whichever is lower.

The Business Environment Council (“BEC”) is the independent technical partner of HSBC Sustainable Financing Programme and will determine if our customers fulfil the said environmental merit assessment criteria. To learn more about BEC, please visit

§ HSBC has the sole discretion of credit approval. Vehicle financing is not eligible for this Programme.

Please refer to the Programme Application Form and relevant documents for details and applicable terms and conditions.

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