Digital Services Solutions

Reduce the use of manual payments such as cheques to make sending and receiving payments faster and simpler via electronic payments.

Cheque payments and paper transactions are not only paper intensive, but they also require more time to process. To make things easier, you can now use our digital and self-service payment solutions, such as our domestic FPS service and electronic platforms, to enjoy a faster and more secure payment experience.


Our Digital Service Solutions also help reduce carbon footprint and minimise the negative impact on our environment, allowing you and your business partners to focus on building sustainable business relationships together.

Our Comprehensive Digital Payment and Self-Service Solutions

Salary Payment to Your Employees

Are you still writing monthly salary cheques to your employees? Start using our cost-effective autoPay service today to make administrative tasks hassle-free.

Simply register through HSBC HK Business Express mobile app, Business Internet Banking or HSBCnet, and apply for autoPay services to start enjoying a range of features.

Features of autoPay service:

  • Schedule salary payments to your employees on specified dates with ease
  • Reduce efforts in manual signing and delivery of cheques
  • Avoid the risk of delayed payments and additional expenses
  • Enjoy a comprehensive suite of autoPay reports for reconciliation

Vendor, Supplier, and Business Partner Payments

Making payments to various business counterparties can be difficult and time-consuming. To make the process more efficient, use our Faster Payment System (FPS) or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) to enjoy better payment terms while fostering closer business relationships.

Simply access FPS and RTGS payments through the HSBC HK Business Express mobile app, Business Internet Banking or HSBCnet.

Features of the Faster Payment System (FPS) and Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS):

  • Pay in real time with an FPS alias1, such as mobile number, email address, or FPS ID, to make payments to your business partners
  • No need to provide the beneficiary account numbers
  • FPS supports HKD and RMB; RTGS supports HKD, USD, RMB, and EUR

Making Bill Payments

With your mobile, you can now skip the physical queue at a bank branch and complete your bill payments with ease.

Using our Business Internet Banking or HSBC HK Business Express mobile app, you can now simply pay your bills and gain peace of mind with payment certainty and finality.

Features of making bill payments online:

  • No need to visit a branch to pay bills
  • Reduces the risk of missing a bill payment due to rejected cheque after the payment deadline

Collecting Payments from Your Customers

Are you still receiving a high volume of cheque and cash payments, and visit a branch physically to deposit them? Our suite of payment collection solutions, such as HSBC Business Collect, can support your business in collecting payments in-store or through mobile, providing you with efficiency and low-cost services.

Features of HSBC Business Collect:

  • Supports in-store payment collection with one device that includes multiple payment options: PayMe, FPS, credit card, contactless payment, mobile payment and other eWallet payments
  • Provides automated reporting for better visibility and control in your cash flow management and reconciliation

Additional support for occasional physical cheques and cash to deposit:

  • Use cheque deposit machines for instant credit with comprehensive advice of the deposited cheque
  • Use cash deposit machines for instant credit
  • Use Mobile Cheque Deposit via our HSBC HK Business Express mobile app to scan and deposit your cheques

If You Need to Make Cheque Payments

Switch to e-Cheque to make cheques electronically and reduce the hassle of writing out paper cheques.

Simply log on to your Business Internet Banking and complete a one-time set-up for access to your e-certificate to start using e-Cheques.

Features of e-Cheque:

  • No charges
  • Around-the-clock availability, reduced cost of cheque delivery
  • Visibility on payment status via online platforms
  • Supports HKD, RMB and USD
  • If your beneficiary has an HSBC HK account, there is also the option to make an In-house Transfer through HSBC HK Business Express mobile app, Business Internet Banking or HSBCnet for transfers between HSBC accounts in Hong Kong, instantly and without charge

Reminder: “To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!”

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