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Streamline your operations

HSBC Smart Solution

Link up your business apps with HSBC Smart Solutions, a digital platform designed to help you automate routine tasks, streamline workflow and have access to timely data for better insights.

Simply log on with your Business Internet Banking username and password with no additional charge to start a brand new chapter of running business.

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Cloud-based HR and Payroll software integration

Start managing your company’s payroll and MPF contributions simpler and easier by connecting your business account with iMGR, a cloud-based HR and payroll software. With this integration, the monthly payroll and MPF contributions will all be processed in one single platform automatically.

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Accounting software integration

You can now connect your bank accounts with Xero, a cloud-based accounting software, via HSBC Business Internet Banking. With the direct bank feed connection, your transaction data will flow securely and automatically to Xero every day, empowering you to manage your company finances more efficiently and make better informed decision.

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Bank anytime, anywhere

Business Internet Banking

With more than 2,800 customers in the pilot group, 100 in-depth interviews done and 18 usability tests conducted, HSBC Business Internet Banking is a co-creation between HSBC and our customers. It welcomes you with a fresh new design and easier navigation. What’s more, we also added a bunch of new tools that are tailored to your company’s banking needs.

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HSBC HK Business Express mobile app

Check out our HSBC HK Business Express mobile app - a tool for Hong Kong businesses to stay on top of their finances and receive tailored financial insights anytime, anywhere.

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Online account application solutions

Opening an account just got a lot easier with a fully online process:

• Step 1: Go to our online Account Application Centre, where eligible customers can open an account without the need for a face-to-face appointment, video call, or any physical document and signature submission.

• Step 2: Upload your documents and have our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology auto-populated the relevant information on the online application form.

• Step 3: Submit your identity documents via HSBC Identify in the HSBC HK Business Express mobile app and complete identity security checks using our selfie verification technology.

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Learn more about Remote Account Opening via our demo video or user guide (PDF, 1.84MB).

Note: All customers can submit an application online, and eligible customers can open an account remotely.

Mobile Security Key

By activating Mobile Security Key, you can logon to HSBC HK Business Express mobile app or HSBC Business Internet Banking directly, and confirm your payments without using physical Security Device.

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Notification Centre

Located inside HSBC Business Internet Banking, the Notification Centre provides you with personalised notifications to meet your various business needs. Each Business Internet Banking user, whether Primary or Secondary User, is able to receive the subscribed notifications via your own preferred channel with no additional cost.

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WeChat Banking and Notification Service

You can now check your business account balance, incoming fund transactions, commercial card information and receive designated transactions and account maintenance service notifications from us via WeChat – anytime, anywhere your mobile device is connected to the Internet. Always on, no extra logons, even when you are travelling overseas.

Simply follow HSBC Hong Kong Business WeChat Official Account and bind your Business Internet Banking profile to activate our WeChat Banking and Notification Service.

Follow us on WeChat: HSBCHKBusiness

For more details, please refer to the FAQs and
the Binding Guide (PDF, 703KB).
Terms and Conditions applied.

Commercial Banking Voice ID

HSBC Commercial Banking Voice ID service is now available to all commercial banking customers. Using advanced voice biometric technology, Voice ID verifies your identity with your unique voiceprint, providing you a safer, quicker and more convenient Business Phonebanking experience.

• Access phone banking through your voice anytime and anywhere
• No more phone banking PINs to remember
• Operate multiple accounts with one single voiceprint
• Protect your account with your unique voiceprint against fraud

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HSBC LinkScreen is a secured, shared-screen digital platform that transforms the way you apply for HSBC selected products or services. You will be able to read the information, electronically sign and submit an application while speaking to your HSBC Financial Services Specialist at the same time. It is easily accessible via laptops, tablets or mobile devices, giving you the flexibility to choose the most convenient platform.

Call us now at (852) 2748 8238 for more details. Simply access to HSBC LinkScreen URL via and our Financial Services Specialist will provide the session code to the selected customers to start off this interactive journey.

Stay tuned, we shall extend HSBC LinkScreen to other applications very soon!

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Live Chat / Live Share

Need help on account opening, credit card application and more? We are always ready to support:

Live Chat - Get instant responses from our online customer service officers through desktop PC, tablet, or mobile. Service hours: Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 10 pm.
Live Share - Allow us to remotely observe, identify, and guide you through the problems by screen-sharing of your HSBC webpages via Live Share, without installing any software.

Virtual Assistant

“Amy” is a customer servicing platform which takes the form of a Virtual Assistant Chatbot. Amy can provide instant support to customers’ inquiries on 24x7 basis. Available on desktop and mobile in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Amy currently covers a number of product pages and its coverage will be further expanded.

An embedded customer feedback mechanism will allow Amy to learn and enrich her knowledge over time so that she can cope with increasingly broad queries. Subsequent delivery phases will see Amy integrating with live Chat to enable seamless human intervention on more complex queries, and the improvement of Amy’s learning process with the latest AI technology.

Any questions about commercial banking?

Ask Amy

Or call us on +852 2748 8288

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