Growing beyond borders with HSBC

We believe strong connections create prosperous futures. When leading your business to new heights, you’ll need flexible financing solutions, comprehensive business resources, and specialised help from your bank. Not just traditional finance and banking, but a readiness to provide solutions to go far beyond that.

HSBC has been rooted in Hong Kong for over 157 years, covering 62 countries and territories. Today, our vast global network, international experience and innovative digital banking platforms play an integral role in connecting you with greater opportunities around the globe, including from Hong Kong and mainland China to the world, and from overseas to mainland China and other Asian markets.

Inspiration from our international customers

Watch the video to find out how Plaza Premium Group, an award-winning Hong Kong brand, revolutionised global airport hospitality services with the support of our global network and comprehensive banking solutions. 

Watch the video to learn how Polygroup, a leading artificial Christmas tree manufacturer, grew their business internationally with the support of our global network and local expertise.

Watch the video to discover how Geek+, a smart logistics robotics company, jumpstarted their global ambitions and ranked no. 1 in the global autonomous mobile robot market share with the help of our international network and digital banking solutions.

The opinions expressed by the speakers only represent the opinions of the speakers and cannot be regarded as suggestions from the Bank.

International banking services

International Business Guides

Providing market insights and conditions of different countries and regions, preparing you for business expansion into new markets.

Dedicated Relationship Management Teams

Accessing professional analysis and insights from dedicated relationship management teams to help you fully understand how new markets operate, connect to the local HSBC network, and coordinate tailored financing solutions to support your business expansion.

Innovative Digital Banking Solutions

We are here to provide you with simple and fast digital banking solutions, along with beyond-banking services so you can manage your business finances with flexibility and make more informed decisions anytime, anywhere.

HSBC Business Go

Get access to expert advice, insights, optimisation tools and a global community of like-minded SMEs and partners to grow your business further.

We are always here to support your global growth ambitions. Please contact your Relationship Manager or simply leave your contact online and we will call you back at your convenience.

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