PayMe for Business

The 2022 (Phase II) Consumption Voucher Scheme is coming to PayMe with 0% transaction fees!

HSBC Business Collect

A brand new version that accepts PayMe payments

Real-time FX

HSBC offers real-time foreign exchange service with preferential rates via HSBCnet, Business Internet Banking and HSBC Business Express mobile app to add flexibility to your international business operations and convenience to your RMB conversion for cross-border payments.

Faster Payment System

A faster, simpler, cost-effective way of processing payments

Telegraphic Transfer

Benefit from efficient and reliable overseas payments

PRD/HK Payments

HSBC’s leading network enables you to send and receive funds faster to/from your trading partners in Pearl River Delta (PRD) region. You could benefit from our network advantage and real-time preferential FX rates (including RMB).

Asia Pacific Same-Day Remittance Services

Enables fast and efficient fund transfers to your valuable business partners located in the 8 major Asia Pacific countries/territories.

Same Day RMB Credit

With our payment solution, take advantage of simple, fast and certainty of RMB transfers with your business partners in Mainland China.

Real-time Interbank Domestic Payments

Payment will be processed and sent on the same day


Enables companies to make payments to any HKD or RMB current or savings account with HSBC or other local bank for a specified amount on designated dates.

Demand Draft

A relatively low cost method of making non-urgent overseas payments.

Cashier's Order

A secure, safe and alternate paper based method to transfer money.

Bill Payment

Discover hassle-free bill payments and other benefits with HSBC Business Internet Banking.


Enables companies to collect bulk payments from any HKD or RMB current or savings account maintained at HSBC or other local bank for a specified amount on designated dates.

Xpress Collect Service

Xpress Collect is a courier banking service – a professional courier service provider collects your cheques and other banking documents from your designated location and delivers them to our banking centres for processing.

Xpress Collect Cheque Service

With Xpress Collect Cheque Service, you can have your cheques collected from your designated locations for same day processing without paying frequent visits to branches.

In-house Transfer

If your supplier has an HSBC account, you can pay them instantly (if you have cleared funds).

Standing Instruction

Simplify regular, fixed payments with this automated payment solution.