HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan

An innovative solution for retaining your talented employees through additional benefits and providing your company with long-term wealth growth potential.

A pioneering insurance solution for your company and your key employees’ health and wealth

Wealth and people are your two most important assets. Giving your key employees enhanced benefits on top of their regular remuneration is one of the best ways to retain and incentivise them to reach even higher levels of performance for your business.

HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan is designed to give you the versatility to strengthen your company’s financial position and incentivise your best people at the same time.

HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan is a long-term participating life insurance product with a savings element. It is underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited and is not equivalent or similar to any kind of deposit.

Key features and benefits

Potential Wealth Growth:

  • Pay a single premium or premiums over a certain number of years to reap the rewards of guaranteed and non-guaranteed long-term wealth growth through potential returns.

3 x Critical Illness Benefit1:

  • An additional lump-sum payment will be made for cancer, heart disease or stroke until the age of 80 (age at the person’s next birthday (“ANB”) up to three times (one for each disease) and subject to a one-year waiting period from the last claim of any of these benefits, with total payments for Critical Illness claims totalling up to 150% of total premiums paid. The policy value will remain unchanged after these claims. This way, your business will have instant cash flow for contingency arrangements when a key person is unable to work due to Critical Illness.

Benefit Transfer2:

  • The company can transfer the policy’s benefits to a key person by changing the life insured up to three times after the 3rd policy year or after the premium payment period provided that all premiums have been fully paid (whichever is later).

Please see product summary, important notes and key risks in the product brochure (PDF, 4.99MB).

For more details about participating policy, please refer to policy dividend leaflet (PDF, 42KB) for participating products.

How it works?

Watch the video and learn more how long term life insurance solution can help to improve employee engagement and retention.

More information

We are here to support you to protect your business. Please contact your Relationship Manager, Insurance Sales Manager or visit HSBC Business Centre for further details.

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