HSBC Wealth Goal Insurance Plan II

Our long-term wealth growth solution may help you to retain talented employees and aim to support the continued success of your business.

Rewarding your employees is vital to your business success

Successful companies understand and value their employees. With HSBC Wealth Goal Insurance Plan II, you may offer long-term wealth growth potential and life protection for your employees as an appreciation, which may also potentially help your company to increase productivity.

Key features and benefits

Potential Wealth Growth

  • An opportunity for long-term wealth growth
  • Policy Value Management Option is provided for companies to protect the prevailing policy value against future market fluctuations.

Flexibility in changes of life insured

  • Policyholder can change the life insured up to three times after the 3rd policy year or after the premium payment period (whichever is later).

Life Cover1

  • The beneficiary(ies) will receive the Death Benefit in the unfortunate event of death of the life insured.

Settlement Flexibility

  • 2 Death Benefit Settlement Options are offered
  • Death Benefit will be paid to the beneficiary(ies) in accordance with the selected settlement option.

Extra Protection

  • Additional Accidental Death Benefit is embedded in the basic plan of the Policy
  • If the death of the life insured results from an accident before the end of the policy term or the age2 of 80 (whichever is earlier), an additional 30% of the Total Basic Plan Premium Paid3 will be paid to the beneficiary(ies).

Please see product summary, important notes and key risks in the product brochure.

For more details about participating policy, please refer to policy dividend leaflet for participating products.

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