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<New> Online Company Amendment

When your business grows, we understand your company structure and financial management may change as well. Our new digital service allows you to update account information like change of directors, authorised signatories, physical signing instructions and beneficiary owners via Business Internet Banking with ease. In addition, you can submit signatures and approve instructions via the HSBC HK Business Express mobile app, saving you the time and effort to visit a branch or call us.

Mobile Security Key

By activating your Mobile Security Key, your phone becomes a handy security device, allowing you to seamlessly log on and confirm transactions without using a physical Security Device.

By using fingerprint or facial recognition,* you can log on and pay even faster! *Fingerprint and facial recognition are only available on certain mobile devices.


User and account control

You can create users with different levels of access rights and transaction limits. Depending on your business needs, you can request up to two users who can authorise your transactions. You can also easily and instantly update some of your company details in Business Internet Banking.


Payments and Transfers

Managing local and international payments is now even ea;er with our enhanced functions:

  • Effortless tracking: Check the real-time status of recent payments, from HSBC to an intermediate bank or the beneficiary bank.
  • Bank search: Simply enter the beneficiary bank location and you will be able to select from a list of matching addresses without having to type them in.
  • Contact Cards: Save the account details of your regular payees, streamlining the payment process.
  • Payment cancellation: Primary Users can ask to cancel RTGS or Telegraphic Transfer payments.

To learn more about Payment and Transfer services provided by HSBC, click here.


FX solutions

A range of functions to help you seize opportunities in the fast-changing foreign exchange market using Business Internet Banking:

  • Insights: Refer to tailored insights and live charts for informed FX decisions.
  • Rate Alert: Set up a target exchange rate and get notifications via your preferred channel once it has been reached.
  • Order Watch: Set up your currency pair, target exchange rate and order amount. Once your target exchange rate has been reached, your order will be processed automatically.


Notification Centre

Each user can subscribe to personalised notifications and receive them via preferred channel at no extra cost. Manage these subscriptions in the Notification Centre in Business Internet Banking at any time.


WeChat Banking and Notification Services

Bind your Business Internet Banking profile to our HSBC Hong Kong Business WeChat Official Account to activate our WeChat Banking and Notification Services for free. To learn how to bind your account, read this guide.
WeChat ID: HSBCHKBusiness


eStatement and eAdvice

Go paperless to help protect our environment. Register for eStatement and eAdvice through Business Internet Banking to retrieve your past 7 years of eStatements and 3 months of eAdvices.


Online Preferential Pricing

Enjoy exclusive online privileges for various services and products via Business Internet Banking, including telegraphic transfers, stock trading and unit trust subscriptions.


Instant Messaging

Get instant responses 24/7 from our customer services officers through your desktop computer, tablet or mobile device.


Virtual Assistant ‘Amy’

‘Amy’ is our Virtual Assistant Chatbot customer service platform, providing instant answers to your questions, 24x7. An inbuilt customer feedback mechanism helps Amy to enrich her knowledge so that she can cope with increasingly broad queries.


Trade Transaction Tracker

Trade Transaction Tracker allows you to get an overview of your trade transactions, and lets you access your export and import documentary credits, collections, guarantees and trade loan transaction status.


Easy access to business insurance

You can now access essential protection coverage from our preferred partner, AXA, via Business Internet Banking. This cost-effective approach gives you greater peace of mind and leaves you with more time to focus on running your business.


HR and payroll software integration

Manage your company’s payroll and MPF contributions more easily by connecting your business account with iMGR cloud-based HR and payroll software. With this integration, your monthly payroll and MPF contributions will be processed automatically in one platform.


Accounting software integration

Connect your bank accounts with cloud-based accounting software Xero, via HSBC Business Internet Banking. With the direct bank feed connection, your transaction data will flow securely and automatically to Xero, empowering you to manage your company finances and make better-informed decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need before I start using HSBC Business Internet Banking?

You don’t need any special software to access Business Internet Banking; just a computer and Internet connection. The service is available on PC and Mac computers, as well as mobile devices.

For the highest security level and smoothest access to our services, if your web browser is Internet Explorer 10 or an earlier version, you must:

  • Use the latest version of Google Chrome for an optimal viewing experience; or
  • Update your web browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari.
Operating System Suggested browser

Windows 7 or above

  • Google Chrome version 78 or above
  • Microsoft Edge 80 or above
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or above
  • Mozilla Firefox®version 78 or above

Mac OS

  • Google Chrome version 78 or above
  • Apple Safari 13 or above
  • Mozilla Firefox®version 78 or above

Can I use HSBC Business Internet Banking services?

To use Business Internet Banking, you must hold at least one of the following HSBC commercial accounts:

  • HKD/Foreign Currency Current Account
  • HKD/CombiNations Statement Savings Account
  • Business Integrated Account

Do I need an authentication code during the HSBC Business Internet Banking registration process?

If you did not receive your activation PIN and Security Device during your account opening meeting, you will receive your authentication code via SMS afterwards. You will need this code during the Business Internet Banking registration process, as shown in the Business Internet Banking registration guide.

If you received your activation PIN and Security Device during your account opening meeting, you don’t need an authentication code.

How do I activate my new Security Device?

If you are new to Business Internet Banking, you can find the details of the registration process, including how to activate your Security Device, in this Business Internet Banking registration guide.

If you are already using Business Internet Banking, please refer to the Security Device user guide for detailed steps on how to activate your Security Device and other useful information.

How can I replace my Security Device?

There are different scenarios in which you may wish to replace your Security Device or have it re-issued, e.g. the device’s battery is running out, you have lost the device or the device is damaged.

  • If you still have a usable Security Device, you can arrange for it to be re-issued or replaced free of charge under 'Admin Tools' in Business Internet Banking.
  • (Remark: If [bAtt] is displayed on your Security Device after you switch it on, its battery will run out soon. Please log on to Business Internet Banking to request a new Security Device as soon as possible.)

  • If you do not have a usable Security Device (e.g. it has already run out of battery or you have lost it), you have two options:
  1. Go to the 'Help and Support' section on the Business Internet Banking logon page, where you can request a new Security Device, free of charge.
  2. Submit a paper form in one of our branches, send it to us by post, or apply for a new Security Device via Phonebanking. This option will cost you HK$100 per device. For details, click here.

Please refer to the Security Device user guide for detailed steps about replacing your Security Device or having it re-issued, and other useful information about your Security Device.

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