Protection & Investment


Offered by governments, quasi-government bodies or large corporations. Bonds can offer you the security of a stable income through interest payments, and capital appreciation if bond prices move ups plus the potential for capital gains.

Local Stock Trading

Seize investment opportunity with efficient stock trading services.

HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan

An innovative solution for retaining your talented employees through additional benefits and providing your company with long-term wealth growth potential.

Certificates of Deposit

One of our lower risk investment opportunities with the option of a range of currencies, maturities and interest payment terms.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Our marine insurance specialists can advise you on the cover you need to help reduce your trading risks.

Deposit Plus

HSBC Deposit Plus - Perfect for businesses that regularly convert funds from one currency to another and are seeking higher returns.

HSBC Life Benefits+ Medical Insurance Plan

A one-stop solution to help you manage your group medical policies. Let us protect your employees’ health with a comprehensive and quality coverage.

HSBC Life Benefits+ Life Insurance Plan

Customisable group life insurance solutions for all budgets and needs

Business AccidentCare

A comprehensive 24-hour worldwide accident protection from as little as HKD2 per day per person.

Other Insurance Solutions

For more than 150 years, we have been supporting businesses of all sizes and shapes in Hong Kong. We understand that every business is unique. If you would like us to tailor make insurance solutions specifically for your business needs, do call us at 2748 8238 to discuss.

Trade Credit Insurance

If you run a trading business and need to rely on credit for cash flow, then this could be the product for you.

Unit Trusts

You can search for prices, fund types or fund houses, investment regions that you prefer online. Diversify your investments with our great range of Unit Trusts.

Easy BusinessSurance

A simple packaged insurance solution includes both property and employees' compensation for business start-ups.


Simplify retirement planning with our pensions services teams and let us guide you through the process.

Equity-linked Investments

Opportunities to receive higher potential return by capitalising on the price movement of an Underlying Stock.

HSBC Ruby Global Life Insurance Plan

Safeguard your business and your legacy with life protection insurance that can also be used as valuable employee benefits.

Structured Investment Deposits - Digital Binary Deposit

Earn potentially higher return than normal time deposit if the chosen exchange rates move in line with your view.


A packaged protection on office assets, stocks and employees' compensation for trading and service business which operates in an office.

Stock eIPO

Subscribe to latest initial public offerings smoothly and simply through Business Internet Banking.

Business TravelCare

A comprehensive 24-hour travel protection in most Asian countries and worldwide from as little as HKD3 per day per person.

ESG Investing

ESG has become an increasingly important factor in the investment process. Discover the growth potential of ESG Investing.

HSBC Wealth Goal Insurance Plan II

Our long-term wealth growth solution may help you to retain talented employees and aim to support the continued success of your business.


A package specially designed for retailers, which covers protection to shop assets, stocks and employees' compensation.

Legacy Planning & Business Succession

Excess capital will accumulate gradually as your business grows. It is time to consider the preservation and growth of your capital.

Talent Retention and Continued Income

In a competitive job market you have to provide a range of benefits to attract and retain talented employees and keep staff turnover to a minimum.

Keyman Protection & Business Loan Protection

As a business principal, you need to have a contingency plan for unexpected issues such as the loss of a key employee?